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Rectal pain, cramping and stomach distention

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  • Posted By: marygrace
  • September 8, 2009
  • 09:55 PM

Two weeks ago I had sudden cramping and pain through my stomach and my rectum. Shooting pains and cramping that made me double over in pain, which was made worse by trying to have a bowel movement. The next morning the pain had lessened but was not gone so I went to the hospital. They did a urine sample and touched my stomach and told me I was constipated. That night I took some laxatives, drank lots of fluids,etc. The day after that, pain still not gone, seemed to be more upper stomach where as it was lower before. Had 2 generous sized bowel movements, which were difficult to pass due to rectum pain. Pain was not relieved from bowel movements. Went back to hospital in the middle of the night, pain was starting to worry me a bit. When seen by first Dr. I was told it's most likely apendicitis. With further blood tests and an ultrasound (right side only) I was told it was "blood on my ovary" or "like a mini explosion"??? It has now been a week and a half later and I did get my period a couple days ago which was painful, crampy, bad lower back pain. Pain in my rectum is still there, not quite as bad but still there. And definitly pain during intercourse. I have had pain during intercourse in the past and just never thought much of it. I do get constipated some times and always assumed that was the cause.
I do also think I have a wheat or gluten intolerance or allergy that I haven't been looking after. I've had a hectic summer and haven't been able to eat the way I normally do. I have never been dianosed with celiacs disease but I do have alot of the symptoms associated with it.
I feel like there is more than one thing going on? When I researched more of my symptoms on here, it said endometriosis or diverticulitis?
Anybody had any of this symptoms? Any advice?

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  • This sounds a lot like what happened to me about 7 years ago- when I was 13. I have severe IBS and am lactose intolerant and this caused me to have difficulty using the bathroom and then have trouble leaving the bathroom. I also have a cyst on both ovaries and that year one of them broke and caused the same condition you had, blood on the ovary. Here's how it all came together. I was traveling a lot that summer and wasn't watching what I was eating- traveling with a Puerto Rican friend and her family my diet was introduced to all sorts of new things and it caused havoc on my colon... and, eventually, it began to swell from the constant irritation. This swelling put pressure on my already slightly sore ovary, and made it unbearable to laugh, sneeze, cough and the worst was trying to use the bathroom. The doctor originally told me the SAME thing- that I was constipated and sent me home. The pain didn't go away and I stopped eating for fear of putting pressure on the sore ovary. After dropping 30lbs in 2 months I went back and he had me receive a colonscopy- which is when the swelling and pressure was discovered. I was suggested a digestive aid and put on a high dose birth control to help with the size of the ovary.Hopefully this sounds familiar to what you are experiencing- and maybe can help you make a suggestion on a course of testing for your doctor.
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    • September 8, 2009
    • 11:12 PM
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