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feel like i have to poop but i feel empty when i try

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 5, 2009
  • 00:09 PM

ok so the last couple days i've been getting the feeling of having to poop, some times really bad, but when i try to it feels like im completely empty, pushing on nothing.

i tried a day drinking only water and eating stuff like pasta trying to..erm... fill me up but no luck.
so i tried/trying some laxitives but so far just makes the urgency worse, and sometimes a little bit of runny poop comes out, a very light brown color, and i cant really tell but it may have some blood in it

im not sure what to do, i dont ahve a family doctor were i live, i recently moved. so i was going to wait for this laxitive plan to wear its way though then try to go to nearest walk in/emergency room type hosptial

does anyone have any ideas as to whats happening

there was one day before this started that i was feel bad and didn't eat much, could that have caused it?

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  • Hmmm.. there are a lot of things that can cause this. What is your diet like? How's your stress level lately, what vitamins do you take? Are you on any medications? What is your exercise level like?(Not to make light of the situation but this sounds kind of like "ghost constipation"... the need to poop, inability to do so... however without actual.. poop)...Anyway, you may have an impaction in your bowels, I've heard of that before. Do you experience any odd sensations, pain, anything else other than an urge to poop without the presence of poop? You could have an over-active colon,You might try keeping up with the water drinking and add a fiber solution into the water, or drinking a lot of cranberry juice. That can often get things moving, as I doubt you don't have anything to evacuate, despite the best efforts of the laxative. Some medications can cause this, sometimes thees things happen and are parasitic in nature (travel anywhere foreign lately)? I definitely recommend finding a GP to start seeing, and they of course can run tests and find out whats wrong but in the meantime, try the fluids and fiber, make sure you are getting proper nutrients (protein especially), and exercise.
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