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HELP: wired, headaches, chest pain, shaky, low body temp, cold, faint, and more

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 18, 2006
  • 10:10 PM

My life is miserable because of the way I feel and because I can’t stop thinking about it because it affects everything I do. Doctors tell me it's just anxiety. Bulls***. I don’t believe I am a hypochondriac because I don’t think I have some major disease, I just know I don’t feel good and want to feel better but no one will take me seriously. I have had anxiety for quite some time now and know what it feels like, and it’s doesn’t feel like this. I feel wired, get daily headaches, chest pain, am shaky or trembling, low body temp, sensitive to cold, fainting and come close to fainting a lot, and my whole body in general feels awkward. I also believe that the way I feel makes my anxiety worse, not vice versa. The wired feeling didn’t start until I started taking Paxil but has remained a couple months after stopping it. It’s more of an agitated energy and it also affects my sleep. And when I say wired, I don’t mean drink a couple mountain dews wired, I mean about to blow a fuse wired. When it is real bad it will actually worsen or give me a headache, stomach cramps, gas, and chest pains. I believe my heart is fine, but the chest pain is still a symptom.

I also get twitches in my armpit that move my whole arm or sometimes most of my body.

When I eat, food gets stuck in my stomach and if I force it down with a beverage, it hurts. It also feels like there is something in my throat. I feel it more when I swallow but can feel it when not swallowing. I also get sharp pains right below my belly button, usually upon standing. The sensation of something being stuck in my throat just started on Sunday, 12/17, so hopefully that gets better.

I can’t breathe well. I am not wheezing, but breathing very hard. Feel short of breath. My girlfriend sometimes asks me why I am breathing so hard, so it’s not just me. I use my inhaler and don’t get much relief and the little relief I do get lasts for a very short time. I also constantly have to clear my throat and it feels scratchy. My dad was diagnosed with emphysema and my grandpa died from it but don’t think it’s that because I am too young.

Currently I am on Neurontin 400mg, Atenolol 25mg, Inhaler as needed, and Clonazepam .5mg as needed. I am on the Neurontin for the wired feeling but have seen no improvement yet, and don’t think it’s mania because I get it everyday and it doesn’t feel good like mania should, it’s more of an agitated energy although I do get real hyper and giddy at times. I have tried Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Buspirone, and benzodiazepams for anxiety. The benzodiazepams help my anxiety but that’s the only thing it helps.

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