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abdominal pain followed by rash/welps/breakout/itchy skin

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  • Posted By: makoosa
  • June 3, 2009
  • 08:47 PM

I can't see to pinpoint what is causing this.

Recently in the past year this had happened 4 different times.

I wake up or encounter intense stomach pain which seems to last only a matter of minutes. 5-10 minutes. Then as the stomach pain starts to fade away over the course of the next 5-10 minutes, I can feel my skin start to get really itchy, all over my body. Generally around my face, ears, neck, throat, but still all over my body too.

The first time this happened i didn't know what was going on so I thought taking a cool shower would help the itching well the contact/irritation from the water hitting my skin caused my arms and stomach to break out with welps wherever the water was hitting with force. I also scratched my ears and face and they were getting all poofy and swolen. So I just layed down in bed and tried not to itch or irritate anything. i woke up perfectly fine with no welps or irritation.

The second time i awoke with this pain and it faded away and was followed by the same irritation of the skin, I simply knew what was coming and didn't itch or move, just lied down and tried to fall asleep, woke up the next morning fine with no problems.

The most recent occurence is actually right now as I type. I am sitting at work fighting off the urge to itch the ***l out of my face and neck.

I am guessing some type of food allergy. The problem is I can't pinpoint what it might be, because all of the foods that seem to be causing it I had eaten before in my life.

The first time it happened I had Subway about 4 hours prior to the pain. Phillycheese steak sub on honey oat bread.

The second time was a hamburger and sweet potato fries (a meal from the same restaurant i had eaten at numerous times before, same meal).

This time i at a hamburger at a DIFFERENT restaurant for lunch. regular fries. about 3 and a half hours ago.

It makes sense that it might be an allergic reaction to a food. but I have gone through everything that was on those burgers and subway and none of them are anything that I have reacted to on a consistent basis. I have eaten all of the ingredients on many other occasions in my life.

Any clues? or similar situations? anyone?

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