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Creaking joints, and knee pain

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  • Posted By: Plastikfear
  • May 5, 2009
  • 05:27 PM

For as long as I can remember I've always had 'creaking' joints, which isn't painful but its slightly uncomfortable. You can't really hear it, but I can feel it, and it is annoying, especially when trying to give my girlfriend massages. I often have to stop because I get uncomfortable and restless with the joints in my fingers feeling that way. I was wondering if there were any dietary supplements, excersizes, or medications I should look into for this, and if this constitutes an actual problem? My doctor said this is nothing to worry about.

Also... apparently I was born with my tendons slightly too short in my knees. Only by about a centimeter or so. When I was growing, between the ages of 8 - 12 I experienced frequent 'locking' of the knees, and to unlock the knee was excruciatingly painful. I remember having a BM in my pants because I was too afraid of the pain to attempt to straighten out my leg and walk to the bathroom :( I now, as an adult (I'll be 30 in a little over a month) experience intermittent pain in my knees, mostly going down stairs, or kneeling down and trying to get back up again, things like that. Excersize makes my knees pop and click, and there is often a feeling of pressure behind the kneecap. I was wondering if anyone else ever heard of this, had this problem too, or knew a way I could cut down on the pain. I've been told the only way to really fix it would be to lengthen my tendons but that would be highly unpractical and expensive, so I guess that's not really an option. I haven't talked to my current doctor about it because it was an item I had 'closed and dismissed' as being nothing I could do anything about long long ago, but I am tempted to see what her opinion may be.

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  • I'm happy to see that you aren't giving up medically and are having this looked into further; medical technology is quickly advancing. Something that may seem trivial could cause much discomfort; you say you are only 30, by nature ... many of us are prone to similar simply with age. Meanwhile, perhaps braces would help ... I popped my knees out of joint (both at once, dumb story) and had to wear knee braces for about six months. You can wear them all the time, they slip right up your leg and are available about everywhere that has a pharmacy; make sure you get the right size. My knees popped and clicked as you described, they weren't riding in proper alignment (speaking of the joints). Sounds like the pressure on your kneecaps could be what I'm speaking of, improper alignment in the joints, perhaps turning to the side or ?something. As for hands/fingers ... I'm lost on that one. Has surgery to implant additional tendon ever been mentioned to you? If so, maybe don't "opt out" on that so quickly; look at all of your options (remember, 30 now ... 80 tomorrow). Uhm ... not to sound morbid ... but tendon is often donated for needs such as yours. I have a partial cadaver bone in my ring finger (cut off), also, tendon surgery ... it wasn't bad at all. Sure ... had to "not use" my right arm/hand for awhile, but other that that ... the waiting ... the surgery was not bad at all. I'm grateful it was done (although the tendon, in my case, was stretched and I didn't need donor tendon) ... I still had enough to stretch the tendon for re-attachment/repair of the fingers/arm. I have full use, as though it never happened; no discomfort whatsoever ... good as new. (Well, there are scars ... those, comparatively ... I could care less about!)
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  • I have used a knee brace on some occasions, usually when hiking or something else strenuous, however it tends to hurt even worse afterward, not sure why. So I don't wear it often unless I know beforehand something I am about to do may cause pain if I don't wear it. I suppose you are right things have changed a lot in 30 years and tendon lengthening may not be as impractical and expensive as it was back then. Not sure if I could afford it just yet but I might look into it if there is no other option.Last year I had gallbladder surgery because I had 2 gallstones that were causing the worst pain I'd ever experienced, and I am *still* paying the bills (well... trying to, but times are rough, got to prioritize)... heh. But thank you for your advice, I will definitely speak with my doc about it...
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  • About the knee brace, could it have been the wrong size ... too tight, I'm thinking ... or too loose? Maybe a different brand? The pharmacists have been really good to me, I ask them questions and they are very helpful, kind, and seem to like to help (Uhhmmm ... many times, because my most favorite doctors were unavailable, don't return calls, too busy, give vague answers ... you know that scoop, I'm sure. Perhaps you could speak to the pharmacist ... and if you get a really nice one, which can happen ... LOL ... see if they can help you fit it, actually try them on and have the pharmacist check 'em out for proper fit/alignment/type for your particular problems. I do understand the financial aspect, a bit "tipped-over" myself there ... I've thought of offering up a few nice outfits, a TV, miscellaneous stuff you know ... anything other than the empty air they get in the mail or electronically that must suffice for my payments recently; they get paid, when I can (mine is neurological/brain, shall I offer the bad half?!). I don't know what kind of coverage you have, but when you call for the appointment ... absolutely tell them that you are in pain, you are suffering and cannot use your hands/arms/legs/limbs properly without pain and consequences; your day-to-day life is highly impacted right down to the simple tasks that should be accomplished with ease ... and without pain. Tell them, as you post here, you've tried the braces and such. If you have adequate insurance coverage, they should cover (at least as far as their own independent/individual plan provides) maximum monetary benefits on your part ... especially if it is clear that this is quite a painful imposition on your day-to-day life and the performance of simple tasks. Glad you're open to the newer options that may be available. Yes, those darn priorities!! But meanwhile ... you can be researching, planning, checking out your coverage, finding the best surgeon(s), etc., etc. While your handling those other "unsavory" expenses you mention. BTW ... I have known of only one person with gallstones; I don't know much about them, but I certainly heard enough to recognize that they are extremely painful, especially in passing (and in not passing, but in "trying" to). So, certainly, no worries about the possibilities we speak of ... just having those stones you had will make that a picnic! Enough of my rambling. :rolleyes:Carry on (not like me) ... LOL.
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