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Addisons Disease vs Fibromyalgia

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  • Posted By: quinnarun
  • April 19, 2009
  • 10:41 PM

I am a 21yr old female, live a healthy active lifestyle and moved 5 months ago to Arizona from Oregon.
In the past month here are my symptoms:
-hand cramps/pain when using them
-all over muscle and joint aches when moving
-muscle weakness
-loss of appitite
-craving for salts
-trouble sleeping, wake up exhausted
-hard time concentrating
-easily frusturated
-constant fatigue
-dark pigmentations on skin folds on chest and stomach area, also in arm pits and elbows.
-fatty lump in above my arm pit on my inner arm, doctor first called it a cyst then a fatty deposit and i shouldn't worry about it. grew over night size of a 50cent peice, and I got stretch marks from it.
-migraines. I have a history of basil migraines but these are more like normal migraines and tension headaches.
-history of lower side of normal blood pressure.

If anyone can put these all together in one diagnosis I would be so happy. I know almost all of them have to be connected. I was fine until I moved and something got triggered. Because now I cannot even barely write or open a gatorade bottle. Please help me
My doctor put me on Lyrica used to treat fibromyalgia patients but I dont have any tender points. It's all inside pain. And the medication isn't helping. It just makes me dizzy and more confused.

Please help me!

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  • It's not "Fibromyalgia" and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is more extreme then its list of symptoms may lead you to believe. In cases I've seen, people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are basically bed ridden because they get exausted after doing the simplest of tasks (ex- eating a meal). Addison's Disease is a possibility, for a diagnosis you'll need blood work done such as checking your cortisol levels and CT of your pituitary glands. But Addison's is a very rare disease and your symptoms are unfortunately very non-specific ones that can all be the result of depression.
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  • People can have more than one thing going on at a time. You can also have symptoms that cause others; lack of sleep can cause daytime fatigue, depression, anxiety....If Lyrica does not help with your symptoms, talk with your doctor and stop taking it? Insist on continued diagnostics; labwork, ct, "rule out"....referral to specials as needed. If your doctor is not interested in working with you, find another doctor now. You certainly have something going on that needs to be looked into and diagnosed.
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    • February 7, 2010
    • 03:41 PM
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  • I totally agree with the prior statement that a person can have more than one thing going on at a time. Furthermore, the sicker you get the more things that go wrong. I tend to think of the endocrine system as being like the way electrical systems used to be made on cars - once the battery went bad the starter went out, and the alternator, then the voltage regulator, and so on. I have Addisons (or just adrenal insufficency - depending on which doc you ask) and now I also have low thyroid and have been told I'll probably go diabetic. I had fibromyalgia long before getting addisons.That is, I had fibro long before the Addisons was diagnosed. I had no insurance, and the doctors I saw basically just blew me off and told me it was all in my head. My neurologist now says that going so long without treatment has given me mild brain damage - it is like it burnt out my brain. "cerebral ischemia" - add that to the list. I also don't go properly into REM sleep which, whether it is part of the Addisons, fibro, or something else is hard to say. I don't mean to depress you - on the contrary - I'm doing much better now that I have accurate diagnosis and have good treatment. That is the key - getting good care. Find a doctor or better yet, a team of doctors, you can trust. Work with them. If you don't like your doctor, then find one you do like. Get a recommendation from a doctor you do like. If the doctor you do like really wants you to see someone, then give that doctor a chance, but otherwise move on. You need to take charge of your medical care because if you don't no one else will.RE the headaches - ask your doc whether topamax might be right for you. The side effects are horrid at first, but it was a wonder drug for me. Also, you will get pain from fluctulating potassium and other electrolytes, so make sure you take supplements, drink lots of water, get lots of rest, and that your doctor runs periodic blood work. GOOD LUCK! Leslie
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  • Did you ever find out if this was Addison's disease? You could try Florinf and see if the your symptoms subside.
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  • Almost every one of these symptoms are the symptoms of pernicious anemia, sometimes called Addison's Anemia. You need to have your B12 checked ASAP and an intrinsic antibody test. I have it and was misdiagnosed a few times. Because of that I now have permanent nerve damage. It all could've been prevented with a simple B12 test.
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    • January 29, 2015
    • 02:15 PM
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  • Do research on youtube for magnesium, D2, and K-3 deficiecy. You probably should through in vitamin c for balance. Turns out there's lots of information on D3 deficiency being the root of autoimmune related issues based on historical studies of human populations with higher levels then are available in the United States due to its latitude and changed food supply.
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    • September 13, 2015
    • 07:26 AM
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