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Blister rash on palms

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 26, 2006
  • 10:27 PM

any advise would be most appreciated....
i've been to a dermatologist but they are no help unless i can get an appointment while i have the rash, which seems impossible.

i get this rash every year or so, it's raised clear fluid filled blisters on the palms of my hands, usually worse on one palm. the rash is very itchy and also painful. if i don't take oral steroids and use topical steroid cream it just gets worse and worse and spreads over my palm.

its driving me crazy and the doctor can't seem to do anything but prescribe more steroids.

any ideas?
thanks in advance

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  • Ok this is a long shot. A number of years ago my nephew got some kind of weird rash that blistered the soles of his feet. This sounds very similar to what you describe. The doctor prescribed steroids etc.It seems later they found out that the grass he was playing on was the source of the problem. Not sure it was the grass itself, or a chemical that was on it. It seems there was a swimming pool nearby so it might have been chemicals from the pool. They never figured it out exactly except the next time he played barefoot on the grass he got the blisters again. It's that kind of grass they use for lawns in the South especially Florida. I can't think of it. I hate the stuff personally. It looks like it could cut your feet to pieces.So you might look at allergic contact with something like that as the source.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • November 27, 2006
    • 04:18 AM
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  • This happened to me about 2-3 years ago. It all started out with a large blister on the sole of one of my feet. i put on neosporin after I popped the blister. Then about 3 days later my hands swelled up and I began to get tiny little blisters all over my palms. It hurt so so bad. I could barely bend my fingers and they Itched beyond any compare.. I wanted to itch the blisters till my hands fell off. I wore gloves most of the time so people wouldn't get sick by the sight. I went to the doctor and they too prescribed a topical steriod cream and an oral steriod. The doc said I had eczema... I think that was a bunch of crap. I checked the neosporin and turns out the cream expired almost 3 yrs ago. ** Thanx Mom**... I should have known to check... She always has things in the fridge that's expired. I thought maybe it was a reaction to that or maybe a cleaning product i used at work. I haven't gotten it since... so who knows. I thought it was a chemical reaction or allergic reaction... It kinda reminded me of poison ivy or something like that. I've never had poision ivy... but it didn't spread any where else but my palms... I didn't even have it on my feet. It cleared up in about 3 wks. I dunno if that helped but that's my story.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 16, 2006
    • 08:52 PM
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  • My father in law was visiting us (we also live in florida) and on one of his trips he got terrible blisters on the palms of his hands. He at first blamed it on petting my cat, but he had always petted my cat and no such thing ever happened. He was also given steroid cream. Just thought it was pretty ironic that he also was visiting us in florida, so it could have something to do with that grass.
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  • I have fluid filled blisters on my palms too but mine don't itch. I still have to find out what could be the cause. It is driving me nuts since I am a massage therapist. I was tested for allergies and I have none.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • August 14, 2009
    • 05:57 PM
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  • It could be caused by a virus, such as syphilis or Orf / Milker’s nodule (if you are around farm animals). I think they can do lab work on the blister. FYI, here's a good picture: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=1&url=http%3A%2F%2Fadam.about.com%2Fencyclopedia%2FSyphilis-secondary-on-the-palms.htm&ei=Tz6GSoySH5HqsQO77KirBw&usg=AFQjCNFVrRYGm11WRoATrOl0Btho33ocQg http://www.ayubmed.edu.pk/JAMC/PAST/18-2/NaeemCR.pdf
    Monsterlove 2,921 Replies
    • August 15, 2009
    • 05:11 AM
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  • Strange......I get the (I think exact same thing) and my dermatologist told me it's a form of dermatitis, some products either set it off or make it worse, like dishwashing liquid, some soaps etc. Only ever occurs on the palms of my hands. Sorry I don't have any pics to compare, have you taken any ? Best thing to do is take a pic when the rash appears so if you happen to see a doctor on a particular day if the rash is not there you can show the pics.Do you notice if different products set it off or make it worse ?Research: Dyshidrotic Dermatitis and look for pictures to compare as well Samanthahttp://www.undiagnosedillness.org
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • August 15, 2009
    • 07:57 PM
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  • Hi all,I also used to get such rash on both palms, usually in warmer weather. Tiny blisters filles with liquid, slightly itchy. This is dishydrosis - a condition caused by excessive function of the sweatglands in the affected areas. Use cold to tepid water to wash your hands, apply some glycerine-based cream and it will gradually subside. Hope this helps - it definitely was effective in my case.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • August 16, 2009
    • 03:45 PM
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