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pinprick red dots, itchy skin, wrongly diagnosed

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  • Posted By: littlebitnumb
  • November 19, 2006
  • 03:46 AM

I'm a fairly healthy female in my early twenties. I went in to my doctors just yesterday, and I was diagnosed with Eczema. I've looked up eczema several times and my syptoms do not match the diagnosis at all.

This all started a month ago when I experienced itchy skin. Everyone get's itchy skin right? Well, Pretty soon it got really bad. It drove me crazy. It was mostly on my forearms/hands and my legs. I finally decided that after a week of suffering, I ought to see my doctor.

They told me that it was most likely a rash from an allergic reaction. But basically they said that they'd never seen this bad of itching before so they were guessing. I was handed (no joke) a bag of goodies filled with sample anti itch pills and a new inhaler suppliment (they thought I was allergic to advair).

But this is just the begining.

The pills didn't work (or the inhaler), And I was still itching all over. But now I had bumps on my arms. I thought 'hey, looks like mosquito bites, maybe that's why i'm itching.' Well, I waited 2 weeks and the itching got worse. Finally, a few days later, With scars on my legs and arms, I decided to get a closer look. Well, here's the neat part.

On the way to the doctors office, I started to inspect my hands. What do you know? There are little pin ****k red bumps everywhere! How'd they get there, i'd like to know.

So, I go to my doctors office and I see a nurse, resident, medical assistant, and the head of the office....guess what? They're all stumped too.

Nurse: could be allergies (...no...)
Medical assistant (4yrs): never seen that b4, maybe scabies(?)
Resident: scabies...hmm...maybe...some sort of internal virus (getting there)
Head of the office (the proffesional): Well...it's not a classic form of scabbies. My best guess (my diagnosis is a guess???) is Eczema.

So basically I got the impression that they didn't have a clue. That's why i'm here. Please help me out. I'm itching like crazy and I really want the right diagnosis.



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  • I think you might have candidasis and leaky gut possibly. I'm going through something and your story sounds very similar. Try proboitics and see if it helps. Cut out sugar. If it does you have candidasis. Make sure you get very good proboitic from health food store. Refrigerated with high CFUs hope this helps. I wish I could tell you I'm shred but not yet. Been going on for a year.
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • October 7, 2014
    • 03:34 AM
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  • Hello there. I have severe attacks of crazed itchiness mostly on arms between shoulder and elbow. Left arm seems to be worse and I can't stop scratching. Before the scratching begins I can feel onset in area where skin feels warm and tingly then suddenly I look like a dog or cat when they scratch crazily with their paw nonstop
    Anonymous 0 Replies
    • October 18, 2014
    • 07:52 AM
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  • Im there too. My son had what looked like pimples that itch in 2 spots than it spread all over his body but mainly arms n chest, then some were pimply w white head, some swelled like mosquito bites but had clear pocket of liquid that easily popped, some became flat, some were in patches and some alone, most after permetherin 5% treatment (for scabies), flatened but a pink or tanish color circle with a redish pin dot in the middle remains two weeks after scabie cream..3 drs, each w 3 poss diagn-
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • November 25, 2014
    • 10:06 AM
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  • (Continu)nosis, by drs, chk pox, sccabies or contac dermatits, prob is now I have it too, on breasts, chest, back, but it looks diff than my 9yr old had and im nursing my baby.. so far waitin for dr appt again and asking for skin scraping or tests etc.. been using tea tree oil as temp fix, look it up in detail from reputable sites as its helping, i tthink, i hope. Also been insainly cleanin and washing us and the home, everything. Unfortunatly its driving me mad as we are already ocd clean. Ug
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • November 25, 2014
    • 10:20 AM
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