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shortness of breath, stomach pressure/ upper ribcage pressure.

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  • Posted By: hunter hass
  • March 15, 2009
  • 09:01 PM

hello everyone i am 15 years old. 6'0 ft, 155 lbs. and i am at my wits end with this problem i have been having every since 4th grade.. i am currently a sophomore in highschool. every since 4th grade i have been having this shortness of breath, pressure in the upper part of my stomach, and it feels like i cant get a full breath of air in.. i get to about 65% way there and then i hit rock bottom. and stop inhaling. so i went to the doctor last year and found out i probably had acid reflex. so the doctor gave me prevacid. that shortly helped for about 2 or 3 months. then the symptoms came back and i started having the breathing problems. then my dad called the doctor and asked for a perscription of nexium and thatworked for about a couple months, but the symptoms kept coming back!. so then a couple months ago i went back to the doctor and he said try doubling up , taking like 2 to 4 nexium a day..and that still didnt work. so then he sent me off to a speciaist and they took a endoscopy, and a ph acid test (twice)...and the results came back that i had a little bit of acid damage, and the acid ph test showed that i had acid coming up when ever i ate food...so they concluded that i had acid reflex... and i kept telling the doctor about my sypmtoms of breathing and pressure in my stomach. and he said there was nothing he could do about it....and i just had to live with it! so its been a month since then. and i still have the same exact symtpoms whenever i eat food...pretty much any food.. i stoped eating bad foods like junk food, and it didnt help it at all...so im sitting here right now just feeling like i want to commit suicide...and i also tried the digestive enzymes for a couple of days and they havnt been helping at all..i have an enhaler..and it doesnt help also....its like nothing i do will make these symptoms go away.. and i really need some advice.. i know some of you people online feel the way i do because i have been looking at some of the threads you guys have been posting...so please if u feel like i do tell me how your feelling tell me if you solved your problem? and how???? i need some advice to stop this problem or else im gonna end up killing myself soon.. please help!:(

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