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recurrent cellulitis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 15, 2006
  • 11:17 PM

I have recurrent cellulitis that comes around every 6-8 weeks. I have contacted my PCP about getting a punch biopsy that he suggested a while ago. Has anyone had the biopsy done? What did it identify? Just the organism responsible? What next? Did the biopsy point you in a direction of treatment that would stop the cellulitis from coming back? Does everyone take Levaquin 750 mg when they get cellulitis? It is outrageously expensive! $20 a pill and I have to take 10 days' worth! :eek: Does anyone take anything else, or do you know where to get Levaquin cheaper?

Thank you

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  • I fell and 2 days later my leg, ankle, foot were red hot and swollen. First antibiotics did not work. Next one did. The swelling has not gone down all the way and PCP put me on stronger water pills. He said infection is gone however I still have the foot ankle leg swelling and about every 2 or 3 days I wake up with it red and hot. I am concerned. PCP said it will take a long time to leave. Can I trust that answer?
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    • October 6, 2006
    • 04:51 PM
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  • cellulitis is usually attributable to either staph or strep bacteria. It is entering somewhere through broken skin, scratches or something. If you are holding water (swelling, etc.) that lessons the body's ability to circulate your blood in that area. It's very important to keep your skin clean and lubricated (to eliminate dry, cracking, scratches, etc.) and to keep swelling down. Keep your legs elevated when you're sitting down. I don't want to frighten you, but blood clots can have much of the same symptoms. You may want to have a doppler test done to rule out any type of blood clot or lymphedema problems. Doppler tests are fairly easy (pricey though). Levaquin is a broad spectrum antibiotic that usually kills most staph or strep infections. It isn't, however the ONLY antibiotic on the market. There are several others, but it's usually prescribed when a culture hasn't been taken to determine the exact bacteria involved in the infection because it does cover a broad spectrum of bugs and it's pretty strong! Good luck.
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    • October 28, 2006
    • 08:05 AM
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  • I have had Cellulitus and was on Rocephrin, Levaquin, Doxacyclin,sp?, and others. I am now on Clindamiacin. My best suggestion to you is get a culture done and then they will know if they are dealing with a gram positive or a gram negative bacteria. It is very important. They can also do a senstivity test to find out which drug the bacteria is affected by. Gram neg. are the hardest to be rid of. Good luck with your cellulitis
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  • My husband has had cellulits 13 or so times and has been hospitalized most of the time. He initially was treated when he was 14 for this as a result of a deer fly bite. Now it occurs very randomly and has become more and more aggressive. He typically is in the hospital for about 7-10 days and then off of work for another 7-10 days. He is treated with both iv and oral antibodics as well as pain medicine. His typically starts in the left leg and works its way all the way up into the abdomen at which time it is usually 4 days into it and the meds are just starting to work.We keep a supply of dicloxacilyn at home and our PCP has recommended that he do Penacillan NVK per day the rest of his life. We have chosen not to take that route as we feel we have not gotten to the route of the problem. The bacteria strain that they believe they have found is erlispasis (sp?) One of the top conditions for cellulits of this strain is Luekemia and it is ironic that my husbands gfather and 3 of his brothers died from this and there has been several more cases of cancer in his immediate family but nothing has shown up for him.It is very upsetting that there is no rhyme or reason to why he gets it when he does because he is NOT diabetic, sedentary, HIV/Aids, or any of the other items.He will play hardball slide and tear up his shins and nothing happens but he will go golfing get cut by some tall grass and end up with it.
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  • I have cellulitis for the 2nd time in 6 weeks, first was my right knee, this time my left! Dr put me on Keflex (cephalexin, sp?) again, not sure if that's going to get rid of it, if it apparantly didn't the first time. Compound that with I'm breastfeeding, so I'd rather stick with the safe antibiotics! Like previous poster, really strange too that I'm not a "typical" candidate, I'm pretty active, young, no glucose probs, no weight probs, etc. I DO have a nasty case of athlete's foot on my right foot... any connection, maybe?
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    • August 30, 2010
    • 11:53 PM
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  • I've had Erysipelas approx every 3 years from the age of 30 to about 55. I am now almost 60. Every time it struck the calf and ankle of my left leg, usually it was too painful to walk, and I needed hospitalization twice.About 10 to 7 years ago I was getting stressed at my job a lot, and I would feel the onset (fever, chills, temperature, aches) of it sometimes monthly. Large doses of Zovirax/Acyclovir if taken soon enough almost always prevented a full outbreak. So, about 5 years ago (with my MD's approval) I decided to try a daily dose of 200mg Zovirax as a prophylactic. Since then I have had no full blown outbreak of the disease, and only one very minor occurrence of the onset symptoms I noted above.The daily Zovirax has zero side effects on me too. YMMV.
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