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Dull pain/discomfort in right side

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 9, 2009
  • 10:20 PM

I hope this is a place I can post for help.

About a year ago I felt a pop in my right abdomen. I was holding my pee during a meeting and when I got up and opened the door after the meeting I felt the pop. I went to the bathroom and peed expecting to see blood or something, but it looked normal. After that I started sweating and just had a really bad/sick feeling. A few minutes passed and I felt ok except for my right abdomen feeling warm and uncomfortable. There was a dull pain but the pain wasn't bad and I could move around fine. The worse feeling was just an uncomfortable feeling.

I went to the doctor about a week later still feeling uncomfortable. He did an ultrasound and did not find anything. By this time there was still a dull pain. After I ate it especially felt uncomfortable. Also when I picked things up by the waist I could feel sort of a pulling, like a muscle pull or cramping.

Anyway, this has been going on for a year. Sometimes I feel no pain and sometimes the pain is there. It's never been very painful. I notice these symptoms:

When I pick something up or move a certain way I feel a pain similar to a muscle pain or cramp in my right abdomen.
I noticed recently when I tense my stomach muscles my right side is not the same as the left. There is sort of a dip or hole around where the sometimes pain occurs. I don't know if it was there before the pop or not though.
I notice I can no longer eat as much as before and I quickly get full.
After I eat my right side feel very uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel like something is going to burst, but there is not much pain, just a very dull pain and sort of tension/pressure feeling.
I often feel a general "sick" feeling in my right side, like a stomach ache or tenderness.
After eating I notice I have to do a bowel movement more than I used to. Sometimes I can't hold it and need to go.
Related to the above, sometimes I feel when I do a bowel movement not everything comes out and I need to go again later.
In the beginning of the day I feel pretty fine and when I don't eat much I don't feel much discomfort. However, by the end of the day when I lay down to sleep my right side feels like it's under pressure. Bending my knees while lying down on my back helps. Lying on my side also helps.

I went back to my doctor since I just don't feel normal. He did another ultrasound. This time he said he saw a spot in my kidney so now I'm going to do a CT scan. The strange thing is once he said he saw a spot I started feeling pain in my kidney and feeling worse than I normally do! I hope that part is just mental...

I've been reading a lot of forums and sites and some re-assure me but then others scare me. At this point I'm really worried. I'm apprehensive about the CT scan... half hoping nothing is found but half hoping something is found because I know deep down something is not right since I've been like this for a year.

Anyway, thank you for reading and if you might have an idea as to what I might be facing please post.

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