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rash that hasnt gone away with medication. what is this?

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  • Posted By: porcelain
  • January 26, 2009
  • 08:45 AM

two weeks ago i developed a rash in my groin area, it looked like red splotchy little dots everywhere. they eventually ended up spreading to my stomach. then a few days later i noticed a rash on my chest.

a week after i got the first rash i went to my doctor about it because it still hadnt gone.

he told me it was inflamed sweat glands and gave me fucicort cream to use 3 times a day until all were gone. he literally spent about 10 seconds diagnosing that.

after the first day of using the cream the rash in my groin area was gone.
however the rash on the chest was worse and has continued to get worse.

the rash on my chest now looks like small raised bumps some look like they contain some sort of liquid. they look slightly similar to pimples i guess but i know these are not pimples.

it has now been a week since my last doctor visit and my chest rash has shown no signs of improvement and i have been using the cream 3 times a day as instructed.

its now getting to the point where its getting embarassing and looks pretty groce. i am going to try get back into the doctors this week sometime. in the meantime though does anyone have any ideas as to what this might be?

note: the rash on the chest has hardly been itchy or painful.

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  • it has now been 8 weeks and i still have this chest rash and it has spread i have also noticed i now appear to have this around my nose and on my forehead. i have seen two doctors about it and neithert have a clue so i got sent to a dermatologist who thoughtbshe knew what it was but it has only gotten worse since seeing her. i had a section cut out last week to get tested seen as noone seems to have a clue what this is.the results hoepfully will be back soon. in the meantime though can someone give me some ideas. the rash is now itchy and painful with pus filled blisters. i am too embarassed to leave the house now apart from going to the doctors because it really isnt attractive. i have been seeing the doctor every few days and he is monitoring how much its spreading and if its getting worse. i have been given almost every steroid cream but none have worked.
    porcelain 36 Replies
    • February 23, 2009
    • 08:15 AM
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  • did you get it after sex? You might want to get a blood test for syphlilis and herpes 2 to rule them out. If not either of them, it could be about any thing. You may want to try an infectious disease specialist next.
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • February 24, 2009
    • 06:01 AM
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  • i got it two weeks after sex. the dermatologist thought it was some sort of eczema with herpes i cant remember what it was called though. the medication she gave me for it cleared most of it in two days then it all flared up again and has spread quite a bit since that medication whereas before it it wasnt spreading. i have had a piece cut out to get tested for what it is and should have some results soon hopefully
    porcelain 36 Replies
    • February 24, 2009
    • 11:27 PM
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