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Muscle Weakness/Heaviness on one side of body; Pins & needles all over

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  • Posted By: Moonpye
  • January 21, 2009
  • 11:31 PM

Hi all...

I'm trying not to flip myself out, but I know I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. I also know that what I'm experiencing is real, and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice.

A little background: I am 26 years old (female), and I have a history of debilitating anxiety problems. I usually manage them fairly well, but once I get going...well...I get going. A few weeks ago, my cat (who I love very much) got mysteriously ill and I got very depressed. I worked myself into a frenzy, certain he was going to die of some horrible disease. The vet didn't know what was wrong with him, but put him on antibiotics, and he got better. While all of this stress was going on, I was on the computer for hours every day (mostly every waking hour) researching his illness, doing my normal work (I'm a teacher), and playing games to distract myself from my anxiety. I was sitting on a wooden stool (no back) slumped over, body twisted to one side, with one leg tucked under me. Until yesterday, I was doing this everyday for the past three weeks. About two weeks ago, I started to notice that, in the evenings, my left leg would start to feel very heavy/weak. I don't think it actually IS weak, because I can still lift it up in the air and hold it, stand on it with my other leg raised, go up and down the stairs, run, etc. Then, two mornings ago, I woke up and noticed the entire right side of my body felt weak--from my feet all the way up to my right eye which FEELS droopy/heavy/blurry, but, visibly, is not. I also noticed that my right hand gets much colder than my left, and that I'm lacking my normal dexterity in my right hand. I've been having some "pins & needles"and intense "itching" sensations in different parts of my body. When I scratch/rub my leg/arm on the right side, I will sometimes get a burning sensation afterwards. My eye "droopiness" (which isn't really droopiness, from what I can see in the mirror) seems to get worse when I'm on the computer/in fluorescent lighting.

From a health history perspective, I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand/wrist, and have had several periods in my life where there is weakness/lack of dexterity. ALSO, about 7 years ago, I sustained a rather serious injury to my 5th lumbar when a "friend" bodyslammed me onto the concrete. I was unable to walk and, at times, my back would spasm so hard I would be unable to breathe. I sought chiropractice treatment and gradually began to get better, though my back still gives me problems at times. Finally, I have bursitis in my left knee which has recently and mysteriously flared up, despite the fact that I religiously stay off of my knees (how I got the bursitis in the first place...from gardening). Last winter, I got a strange nerve tingle in one buttock that lasted for several weeks. The doctor said it was a compression injury from sitting in the bathtub (which I do a lot in the depth of winter!).

I'm starting to feel very scared that this could be something like MS. I don't THINK there's any weakness going on for REAL--I've been doing yoga (gently), taking walks, etc., but I feel CLUMSY or as though my body is shifting to one side, when my boyfriend swears to me it's NOT. My hips feel all out of whack--as though they're trying to go one way while the rest of my body wants to go the other. My right leg feels as though the muscles get extremely tight when I'm driving, and, the other night, my lower back started to spasm in bed.

When I get really anxious about it (like I am right now), the pins & needles sensations increase, which makes me think those symptoms, at least, are related to anxiety.

I've been trying to do the yoga/breathing exercises to keep myself calm and reassure myself that my body is still working, but the fact remains that something IS wrong.

Do you think perhaps this is an issue of several nerve compression injuries from the length of time/way I've been sitting at the computer?

I do NOT have insurance (screw you, community college system!), but there's a possibility that I can go to a free clinic. I just know that they'll brush it off as anxiety (what they did when I went in with swollen lymph nodes and a perfect CBC), but I really do think there's SOMETHING wrong.

Does this SOUND like nerve compression? Has anyone else ever had these symptoms? I feel like they'll probably go away on their own, but right now, I'm scared. In the meantime, I'm trying to stay active and keep away from the computer, but it's hard, because I teach some online courses in addition to my in-person classes, so I HAVE to be on the computer. And, obviously, I'm on the computer right now... :/

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • did you ever find out what was wrong with you? Your symptoms sound ALOT like mine, even the droopy non-droopy eye...
    karlrichii 2 Replies
    • October 9, 2014
    • 00:40 PM
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    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • October 12, 2014
    • 01:37 PM
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