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Overall weakness and inflammation please help

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  • Posted By: Paulppaul
  • January 19, 2009
  • 11:52 PM

Please read, I know it's long but I wanted to get everything.
Hi, I just found this website, I've been sick for over a decade but the worst symptoms I've had are in the last 3 years.

I suffered from depression hypertension and irritability most of my life since I was 8, I'm 26 now. I also had about 5 night terrors when I was between 7-10. I started smoking when I was 15 and quit at 20. Drank relatively heavy from 17 to 22. After being clean for a year I went a diet and got relatively healthy but still suffered from nervousness and irritability and started to drink a little. Then this happened.

3 years ago:

I started to get boughts of suffocation. Like I wasn't getting fresh air. I had to have all the windows open in order to breathe and sometimes this didn't help.

I found out that one cause was the rosin for my violin, I was allergic to it or something. It was driving me crazy and when I got rid of it I felt better.

Then after a night of drinking (4 beers) I woke up suffocating and having pain in my chest. Over the next couple of weeks I would be suffocating at night and starting to feel out of it.

The suffocation feeling went away on and off for months.

Then I moved and felt better for a little while. Then it got bad again, on and off.

Then one day I was twitching my nose and it was popping and this is when I started to get real sick.

It started off as migraines from my nose to throughout my head. Then I got bad inflammation and suffocation of the nose and middle head. This last over 5 months. I protusion in my skull occured.

Then I went on a diet and the inflammation soon went away but I was still feeling completely out of it and hyper-sensitive and weak.

Then I got really bad inflammation of the chest. Mainly in the middle, and real bad weakness of the muscles. The inflammation and protusion was still there.

Then I noticed that fluid would drain from the protusion in my head.

And now here I am. Feeling overall weak, dead, lifeless, intolerant to many foods. I have numbness all throughout the left side of my body and skull.

So my overall symptoms were.

Suffocation feeling through my nose.
Inflammation of the nose.
Inflammation/pressure of the skull resulting in protrusion down the middle.
Inflammation of the chest.
Intolerance to foods.
Sensitivity to chlorine in shower water.
Numbness of the left side of the body.
Water retention in head and left side of body?
Overall weakness
Lost sense of smell
Confusion/insecurity/irritable/paranoia(during inflammation usually)
Not symetrical-see through right eye mostly
Contrast different in eyes
Cold hands, do not feel that warm.
Scare tissue in nose

Tests done: Metabolic Panel, all normal except a little low on vitamin D. Thyroid normal.

Hair mineral analysis: Calcium high everything else low. Toxic minerals low. Manganese really low.

Doctors have said: Reactive Hypoglycemia (but treatment doesn't help much), liver problems, magnesium deficiency (helps some), autoimmune disorder?, poor lymphatic drainage.

I've seen the best Ear Nose and Throat specialist in town and he see's nothing wrong. I told him I had scare tissue in my nose when I believe the problem stated and he discarded that.

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