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Swollen roof of mouth + intense pain = ? (HELP!)

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 6, 2009
  • 06:13 AM

So I was eating my dinner today, and reaching the end of my meal, in the last 3-4 bites, I started to have severe pain in the roof of my mouth. At first I thought I just needed a sip of water, so I finished my food then went to go get some water, and the pain got worse and worse, until I couldn't hardly stand it. It felt like my body weight, every pound, had inverted, and was all sitting on the roof of my mouth. I think it was swollen, but I couldn't tell for sure since it felt so heavy anyways. When I looked it my mirror, it seemed like the back left corner of my upper jaw had a ellipses shaped swollen spot, but again, I'm not sure. It felt like someone had poured acid on my tonsils. My temples felt like they would pop. The pressure on the roof of my mouth was so painful and intense it literally knocked the wind out of me, and I tried to cry out, but I couldn't get any air in or out. I have never felt pain like that in my life. It felt like a really intense pressure, similar to a migraine, but mixed with a sharper sensation I can't describe. It was honestly some of the worst pain I've ever felt. And it came on in a matter of seconds. I chugged water, trying to numb it with the cold liquid (it hurt so bad and I was so panicked it was the only thing I could think to do), but any movement whatsoever made it 10x worse. Putting pressure on the roof of my mouth was also extremely painful, especially in the top left half. Like I said, in a matter of seconds the pain was so severe I could hardly breathe. Then, it slowly faded over the course of 20 minutes. I ate again a little later, and a similar thing happened, just much, MUCH less severe.

I had some issues with my wisdom teeth, which I'm getting out soon, but they haven't been bothering me much lately. I'm not allergic to any foods (that I know of), and what I was eating, though a different brand, was the same kind of thing I normally eat.

So, in summary:

Sudden, intensely painful swelling of the roof of mouth, accompanied by feeling of extreme pressure.

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