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fatigue + hip and back pain only on right side

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  • Posted By: taylormadezz
  • November 17, 2008
  • 03:03 AM

Please Help!!!
I have been living in pain for over two years now with nothing but puzzled looks and "let's try this" statements.

It started with constant right side hip/low back pain about two years ago, this pain has been consistent 100% of the time since then. sometimes my right leg down to my ankle will hurt and up the right side of my back as well. xrays and mri's showed nothing. My right leg feels like it is loose in my right hip joint. When I lay on my back and relax my legs, my left foot stays naturally at a 45 degree angle or so, while my right foot does not stay up at all; or in other woods the toes on my right foot go all the way down and rest on the ground while the toes on my left foot stay in the air. When sitting down if I bring my knee to my chest and then extend my leg, I hear and feel a popping sound in my lower right back/hip area. also if i sit still for 5 minutes or so and then do a "side bend" to the left, there are places that "pop" up and down my right side/back. my inner right gluteal muscle hurts when i tighten either gluteal muscle as well.

While I have constant pain in my right side, my entire right side is much less sensitive to touch as my left side. my pain increases the longer i sit or stand; while it gets a little bit better if i lay down or walk around.

my most recent symptoms, although i am not sure if they are related or not since they have only been occuring for a month or two, are:

---occaisonal shooting pain in the right side of my scalp

---a small kind of soft spot underneath my skull on the right side of my -----head directly beneath my right ear.

---numbness on the left side of my face around my cheek and eye

I have tried physical therapy, muscle relaxants, and several different anti-inflammatories with no success.

any input would be greatly appreciated, i am only 27 years old and i am desparate to find out what this is.

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  • I am a 34 yr old male (used to be active).. and have a similar problem. 3 years ago i complained of lower back pain and hip pain (all in the right side), that has escalated to a general all over muscle ache, tender spots, terrible stiffness (especially in the morning, at around 8am-9am) Right foot stiffness.... and now i have started to experience abdominal pains (for about 6 months now) pushing in on my stomach is painful, i contsistantly feel bloated. It a very irritating pain that consumes by body for the majoyrity of the day, but get especially worse at night. I also have a pain in my right side and when i stretch INTO these areas its really bad. So far i have had steroid injections, nerve blocking injections, I had Morphine, Vicodin and Oxycontin (i'm currently taking Oxycontin) for pain, i've had 3 MRI's (none showed much other than some minor muscle tearing of the maximus, a small collection of fluid (probably from the injections if you ask me) and a small cist. I've taken anti-inflamatories, anti despressants all of which i've taken myself off once i think i've given them a chance of working (a few months)... I suffer with terrible muscle stiffness in my back, shoulders and neck, really bad tightness. I have seen spine specialists, Rhuemotologists, Nuerologists, Ostopathic surgen and a Gasteontologist. I've had a Endscopy, Ultrasound, 3 Cat scans. i was admitted 2 years ago for 4 days and doc's thought it may have been diverticulitus. (but no diagnosis was determined) i was released. So far, I have been diagnosed with - Gastritus (3 years ago) Fibromyalgia (by the Rhuematologist) Slightly enlarged Spleen (but it is thought to be barely enlarged so nothing to worry about)and Barretts Esophages (not related to the pains, but was discovered during the endoscopy. I am still in pain, and do not want to be taking Oxycontin anymore. I am going to try changing my diet (perhaps a gluten free one). My friends mother recently was rushed to ER with Terrible back pain, later i dicsussed other symtoms with her and she described how her right leg hurt, how she ecperienced muscle pain and joint pains (all similar to the things discussed in posts regarding fybromyalgia). She was first released from ER with pain meds and a recommendation to see a Chryopractor, but then got another attack of the bad pains and visited ER again, this time she saw a different doc, blood work and tests were all coming back clear .. no problems.. until the doc asked for a Stand up X-ray.. the stand up x-ray showed air! .. explortory surgery discovered her colon had a split and they had to remove 12 inches of the colon. she has been recovering now for 4 weeks, but reports that all of the problems have gone.. no more back pain, no aches, no joint pain you get the idea.. with my abdomon pain, i immediately scheduled a visit to the gastreongist, but as you can see from above i haven't got a resolution yet... I have decided to schedule a visit with her doctor for a second opinion. (i'll let you know after Dec 10th) but in the meantime if your suffering from these kinds of symptoms, i would go see a specialist, back pain CAN be present because of a problem in the stomach.
    tapster 1 Replies
    • November 17, 2008
    • 06:39 PM
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  • thank you for replying,I actually have my first appointment with a specialist to have a colonoscopy done. My grandmother was recently diagnosed with colon cancer so he suggested I get one done.
    taylormadezz 1 Replies
    • November 17, 2008
    • 11:56 PM
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  • Hi guys, I have just read both your posts and I am suffering with the majority of your symptoms. (I have just posted on this thread today.)I just though I'd mention that I also have crohns disease and after reading your post I'm wondering if there is something going on in my bowel to be causing such pain everywhere else. I'm making an appt 1st thing Monday. Thanks, Clare.
    batfink 4 Replies
    • December 6, 2008
    • 10:05 AM
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