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ovarian cyst-like pain but no cyst?

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  • Posted By: Lynnmcd
  • November 1, 2006
  • 03:57 PM

Greetings all...

In March I was diagnosed with gallstones through an ultra-sound and full abdominal CT. In the case of the CT, there was also confirmation of a ruptured ovarian cyst on my left ovary (no fluid present), but the right ovary was clear. Uterus, tubes and everything else were unremarkable. I had a lap proceedure to remove the gallstone (seemed it was just one big honker!)

Since the surgery, however, I have a recurring pain that I am almost positive is due to an ovarian cyst but my doc thinks I'm nutty. He says there just wouldn't be time to have the cyst grow to the point of causing these symptoms directly after the surgery. He also does not believe it is endrometriosis, again based on the CT findings.

Vitals: I am a 47 y/o who has had 3 live births. My youngest is 16. I had a bout of PID when I was 16 which required surgery to drain the abscess that had formed behind the uterus. I had tubal cauterization directly after the birth of my third child. I have always had PMS symptoms but they have been controlled with OTCs and have not interferred with daily activities. They have increased in severity with the onset of peri-menopause but still managable with OTCs. This is different.

The symptoms are:

1. Pain begins approximately 1.5 weeks after onset of period. It is intermittant at first, and dull. Intensifies for remaining 1.5 weeks until next menstruation.

2. Pain is right-sided only.

3. Pain is almost uncontrollable with Aleve the final 4 days or so before period. A lot of nausea. My lips turn white and I am fairly sure there is anemia associated as my energy and stamina tank.

4. Periods are very heavy, especially day three/four, when I can only classify my bleeding as hemorraghing. The hemorraghing will last an entire day (12 hours) and is disrupptive. I dare not leave the house and go out for fear of flooding in a public place. The pain is debilitating and only barely edged off by NSAIDS. The last couple days after this day are light bleeding to the point of almost nothing.

5. The pain completely disappears after the period is over and I have a few days of no pain whatsoever.

Then this cycle begins again. The cycle is very predictable. It carries the same MO every month. The only variable is the length of time between periods (sometime between 17 and 20 days) and the length of time of the period (4-7days.)

Any help would be appreciated. My doc is a good man but I think he's missing something and I'm not able at this time to do the second opinion thing.



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