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WORRIED! Continous non-stop period for over 5 weeks now!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 10, 2006
  • 07:56 PM

I'm waiting for insurance to kick in, so I can't see and haven't seen a doctor yet.

Anyhow, this is the first time I've ever written to a forum because I'm starting to panic about my symptoms.

First of all I have had a menstrual period continuously (every day non-stop) since May 4, 2006 and It is now June 10, 2006. 5+ weeks! Second I have been getting severe dizzy spell about every 2-3 days during this time frame, it basically feels like I'm tipsy-drunk from alcohol (the last drink I had was in December), and the only conclusion I can think of is well, lack of iron from losing so much blood, therefore possibly anemia. Third I've been getting Light flashes/blobs in my right eye on the right side of the eye, sortof like when you are really really tired and you rub your eyes kind of hard and you can see a blob from your finger rubbing, the light I see is about the size of a finger print. Fourth I've started to bruise easy in the last week and a half, again the only thing I can think of is lack of iron, therefore anemia due to blood loss from long period, and I have about 5 bruises right now. Fifth, I just noticed a little skin rash right above my pubic hairline and below my belly button, I can't think that's at all related, but I don't know. Well there's the list...

Some things that might help, I am morbidly obese, I've gained about 200lbs in a 4 year time frame, I can't seem to lose the weight, I was put on a 1000 calorie diet by a endochrinologist I was seeing, it didn't work, and yes I really did follow it. I'm kind of tired of problems being blamed on the weight, I kind of think the weight might be a symptom, because I'm 23 I had an ROTC scholarship, worked out every day hardly ate anything and couldn't lose the 15 pounds I needed to then to meet my weight max (age 17-18 weight then was 185) so I had to give the scholarship up, and started to eat normal and just steadily kept gaining weight, I eat salad every day for a meal, and sometimes have it twice a day, and I have oatmeal for breakfast.

When I was seeing the endochrinologist I had missed some periods, the longest I went without one was 3.5 months (January 2005). I had x-rays and ultrasounds done and they did not find PCOS or fybroids, so she had started doing other tests, had frequent nosebleeds last summer, she did an x-ray, said I had a deviated septum, and allergies. She did an x-ray, of my liver, and I had an elarged "fatty liver" as though I were an alcoholic, which I hardly every drink. My cholesterol was normal, and blood pressure is normal. The only tests that came back abnormal was testosterone which was a little high, and I had extremely high serotonin a "13.7" she said normal was like 6-8 and deppression numbers are like 3-4 whatever that means, and that's as far as I got before I switched jobs and had to be on a probation period without medical benefits for 6 months.

So everything has been fine these few months except for what I listed as symptoms, and that the 1000 calorie diet isn't working.

I would appreciate any feedback and help I can get on this, and any information I can research, to jump right back into testing to figure out what's wrong with me, once my insurance is up and running again.

Thank you sooooo much!

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