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Almost blacking out, chest pain, murmur, bulging veins

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  • Posted By: bethanndavis5
  • October 8, 2008
  • 01:08 PM

* I was fine until I got sclerotherapy. I am sure it is just a coinisidence, but can’t hurt to mention.

1) Randomly almost blacking out. Nothing seems to bring it on. I am not anxious or nervous prior to it happening. I will be sitting there and all of a sudden I start to blackout, become flushed, seeing stars, dizzy and my heart feels like it is beating very hard. I have never completely gone unconscious, but have come very close. It has happened on 6/25, 7/1, 7/8, 7/9, 7/22, 8/7, 8/20, 9/19, 9/21 (twice), 10/5 (bulging vein).

2) Chest discomfort/pressure/squeezing in upper left chest and recently starting having some in my right chest to. The discomfort is almost constant at this point. The pain increases with exercise. It will sometimes reradiate up into the left side of my neck, jaw, and left ear. When the pain/pressure goes up into my neck it pulsates with the beats of my heart. I constantly feel my heart pounding in my chest and the left side of neck. When I sit or lay down by head seems to move with the beats of my heat. It seems like my heart is beating very had, not fast just hard. I also experience a lot of fatigue with this.

3) (Occurred on 10/4/08 at 4:30 PM) Left forearm suddenly felt very tight and tingling and had bulging veins on underside of forearm. The bulging suddenly when away and then my heart starting pounding. This lasted 5-10 minutes.

4) Discomfort/pressure in my right side. It is 2-3 inches up from my hip bone and near the base of my ribcage. When I stand up it is more towards the front. When I lay down I feel it more towards the side and back. When I am sitting it feels like the bottom of my rib is poking into something and it is painful. I will sometimes get sharp pains. It sometime feels like one of my organs is swollen and could rupture if I move wrong.

5) Legs (mainly calves) throb and feel like tiny bubbles (best way I can describe it) are moving through my veins. It almost feels like I can feel the blood moving through the veins. They throb and wake me up at night

6) My head frequently feels full and it is sometimes hard to focus my eyes. I frequently feel slightly dizzy. I will get sharp pains in my temples and sometimes a sharp pain or tingling feeling on the top right part of my head.

· Sensitive to alcohol, even if is just have a few sips it makes my chest feel very heavy

Tests Completed
7/15/08 – 24 hour heat monitor, no symptoms during test
EKG – Done at first ER visit and at Dr’s office
7/27/08 – MRI of brain and neck to rule out MS
7/27/08 – Ativan prescribed by ER for muscle spasms, didn’t work
7/28/08 – Muscle relaxant prescribed by Dr. for muscle spasms, didn’t work
8/15/08 – Naproxen prescribed to see if it is inflammation (helped slightly)
8/22/08- 6 day course of steroids (seemed to help the first two days, then not at all after that)
8/27/08 – Ultrasound of right side, was normal
9/26/08 – EEG
10/7/08 – Nuclear Exercise/ Adenosine/ Dobutamine Stress Test (passed 95%), Transthoracic Ecogardiogram (waiting on results), Duples Echo of lower extremities (no clots), CT chest with contrast/ Pulm Embolism protocol (waiting on results)
Lots of blood work! Calcium, insulin, vitamin D, amylase, ggtp, lipase, hepatice function, albumin, ast, alt, bilirubin total, bilirubin direct, alk phosphatase, total protein, vitamin B12, fee T4, TSH, basic metabolic panel, blood urea nitrogen, sodium, potassium, chloride, co2, glucose, creatinine, anion gap, ana, c reactive protine, sed rate, rheumatoid factor all of it has come back normal.

Current Medications
Generic Zyrtec (as needed)
Digestive Advantage™ Lactose Intolerance Therapy (once a day in the AM)
Daily Multi Vitamin (Flinstones chewable) once a day in the AM

Current Diagnoses’s
Polycystic Ovaian Syndrome
Lactose Intolerant
Scoliosis (about 16-18 degrees)

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