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Craving beef and other strange symptoms

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  • Posted By: halal37
  • September 27, 2008
  • 08:31 PM

I am really frustrated. I am fed up with doctors dismissing my symptoms and assuming that whatever is wrong is psychological. I know there is something physically wrong with me and I feel terrible. I really need some answers.

Since childhood I have always been hungry and thirsty. I noticed as a child I drank a lot more water then my mom and was prone to dehydration. I also discovered carbohydrates seemed to make me hungrier. As I have aged these two problems have just gotten worse. I now always have water next to my bed at night because I know I am likely to wake up thirsty several times during the night. It also isn’t unusual to wake up in the middle of the night starving.

I am not positive but I am suspicious a spiritual fast I went on in 2001 may have led to my new and worsening symptoms. Since then I have developed:

Daily Migraines (Had sinus surgery in 2006. Before surgery prescription migraine drugs helped, but after the surgery they had no affect).

Craving for beef (at first the craving only occurred during my period. The craving was severe and nothing would fill me up until I got a burger. After a few months of this problem I discovered as long as I eat beef a few times a month I would not crave beef during my period. I will say often when I feel ill or ravenous, a hamburger makes me feel physically better). P.S. I do not like the taste of beef and would never eat it if my body didn’t demand it. I use to be a vegetarian, but was forced to start eating animal protein after a few years.

I have to really watch my carbohydrate intake. It doesn’t take much to make me feel sick. Some days I can handle more carbs then other days, but when I am going through a sensitive period it doesn’t take many carbs to make me nauseous and jittery. I can feel fine and then after eating (especially carbs) immediately start feeling sleepy and need a nap.

A few years ago I discovered eating food helped me feel better when I start feeling nauseous. I can be vomiting but a little food and my tummy improves immediately. Because of these diet problems I have gained a lot of weight and continue to slowly gain weight. Any attempts at dieting are futile. If I don’t eat I often I can get nauseous, jittery, headache, etc.
Foods high in fiber tend to make me constipated.

A couple years ago my muscles started jerking. Buying a water filter (to eliminate the fluoride that the city added to our water a few years earlier) and taking high does of magnesium helped reduce the muscle twitching and severity of the migraines, but has not eliminated them.

I often feel like there is to much energy in my smooth muscles (abdomen).

I have had an endocrine work up and was told everything is normal. I have had two 3-hour glucose and one 5-hour glucose test. My sugar fluctuates between 65 and 82 (basically flat). So I do not have diabetes or hypoglycemia. All my other hormone levels were fine.

I welcome any ideas of what may be wrong with me or where to even look for help.

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