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I think I have IED

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 8, 2006
  • 08:40 PM

Hello all. I am a 29 yr old hispanic male from Hawaii... I think I have IED, and it usually only manifests itself when I play video games, i.e. fighting games....There is an uncontrollable desire to win and if I lose repeatedly to the game's A.I., I sort of turn into someone I'm not, screaming, cursing, and punching myself in the head or face. If I'm in a 1 on 1 with another person and they start to win, I dont get psychotic on the outside but rather on the inside and usually ends up with me throwing the contoller down and storming off.... How can I cure these outbursts?

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  • Usually people with IED do not attack themselves, however to be sure, I would get your family doctor to refer you to a mental health professional. Only with a proper diagnosis can you get your rages under control. You obviously want help, but you have to realize this isn't something you can cure on your own.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 16, 2006
    • 00:13 PM
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  • dont put yourself in contexts which you know will elicit this response.train your mind to love peace .you will have to do it in the end.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 24, 2007
    • 06:23 PM
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  • Im new to this site and wasnt sure if this is where i ask my question but anyways I think there is a chance i might have IED also. Since i was small ive always had extreme mood swings, i got kicked out of nursery school for threatining to kill the class bunny, i kicked the doctor and bit the dentist but as i grew up i matured out of that.. kinda. I am now 19 and find myself snapping at the smallest most insignificant things, i will once in a while get into fits where i throw things, scream and feel it is often hard to control acting this way. the only thing is im a female and when i looked up IED it said it was much more common in males. I have the hardest time with my boyfriend who is a very sweet guy but i find myself verbally and sometimes every physically attacking him. I have thrown things at him, pushed him and hit him when he didnt deserve it and later felt absolutely aweful about it. Even though im a female is there a chance i have IED or do i just have a bad temper??
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • February 3, 2007
    • 02:21 AM
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