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Blood clot?

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  • Posted By: murphy14
  • August 1, 2008
  • 04:58 PM

I'm a 20 year old male. I need any advice on my problem (which I think could be very serious).

I've had pains in my left leg for about 3 weeks or so. My whole leg could be in pain at times but it always concentrated in one point in upper back calf (below the knee). It wasn't very strong at all, just weird. It didn't get worse under physical stress, although it became sort of hot at times. There wasn't any swelling or redness, not as far as I could tell. I went to see my family doctor but she just gave me some painkillers and told to return if the pain doesn't go away in a few days (it didn't).

At some point the pain in my leg 'magically' disappeared and I've felt exactly the same kind of 'point' of pain in my left buttock.

Now the day after that I've started getting pains in my chest. They too were all across the chest, but later they concentrated in one 'point' in the left upper side. Quite above the heart I would say. My leg stopped bothering me completely! These chest pains lasted at least two weeks and grew weaker with time, although they never went away. I went to see like 3 different cardiologists thinking it was a heart problem. I also went to see a 'general' doctor (however he's called in English) recently. I was confused so somehow I only told her about my lack of appetite and chest pain. They found I had 'erosions' in my stomach and told me my chest pain was due to a small 'curvature' in my spine and sent me home. Oh, they also did a bunch of blood tests and these were all OK.

So I had back massage done to me one evening, and then pop... The chest pain disappears, but I instantly started feeling 'weird'. Like my mind was clouded or something.

This has been happening for the past 3 days:

- Severe periodic headaches, I also got occasional terrible 'stabbing' type headaches that only lasted a second or so
- Constant weaker headache
- 'Pressure' in my right eye.
- I always have 'clouded' mind, it's hard to think, concentrate, remember things.
- I feel fatigued and tired, like I couldn't even walk 100 meters.
- At night I can feel/hear my heartbeat
- Swollen veins in both of my temples and even my forehead (this is what worries me most as they've been this way for 3 days ever after that evening). My blood pressure is perfect, 120/80!
- Painkillers don't seem to help much at all.

So I went to see a neurologist and he did the standard stuff like checking my reflexes and eye movements. These were all OK so he sent me to get a MRI scan of my head. However the machine broke down in the middle of it (WTF!) and they told me to return in 5 days. But I feel so terrible I don't even know how I'm going to make it through the weekend!

Do you think this could be a blood clot that moved from my leg to my chest and now somewhere else (neck or head)? Because I do spend unhealthy (heh) amounts of time sitting at my PC and I cannot find another explanation for this 'mysterious' pain that goes around my body, or the veins on all of my head that are swollen so much for 3 days straight with normal blood pressure. Could it be that it hasn't moved to my brain yet, or it hasn't blocked an artery completely, that's why I'm still not... dead? :eek:

Also what else do you suggest and what other tests should I get done? Again it's whole 5 days till MRI and I feel soooo bad...

So sorry for my English and long post.

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  • Thank you for your reply. I do in fact use a cell phone - a lot actually. My headache wouldn't worry me so much if it hadn't started so suddenly or last for days. I haven't really felt anything bad during the MRI scan except my now constant headache and some terrible noise :)
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  • I would guess it has a lot to do with your back problem, maybe you should see an orthopedic doctor
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  • With the progression from your calf to your buttock to your chest to your head...maybe you are at risk for a blood clot...at least ask your doctor about this. Blaze and qwertyuiop123 both have good advice. Good luck. Marionstar
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  • About blood clots. I do agree that the episode of your leg pain turning into chest pain sounds like a blood clot moving from leg to chest. But then the clot gets stuck there and can not continue to your brain. If you would have a clot in your brain, it must be a different clot and it sounds unlikely that you would have so many sudden blood clots at your age. Is there any blood clot history in your family? Do you smoke? Do you sit in front of the computer the whole day?What ever it is, I hope you soon get better.
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