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My Baby Has A Blue/purple Tongue-please Help

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  • Posted By: KONIP222
  • June 9, 2008
  • 09:30 PM

I have just returned from her doctor who told me it shouldn't worry me, but it does. Since last night, my little girl's tongue became a dark purple/blue color mainly on the end of her tongue and especially underneath. The rest of her mouth was the normal pink color it has always been. Her lips are fine and her fingers and body too. It is still dark and it has been about 24 hrs. I dont know what to do considering it is very hard to take my doctor's advice and just let it be.
Could someone please help???

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  • Try another doctor or call an er and ask a nurse if that warrants a visit is my advice. That would scare me too because a baby can't tell you if they're feeling ok. I have no idea though. The only thing I've ever heard of having a purple tounge that was acceptable was my uncle Chow. I agree with you that it sounds wrong. Did the doctor give an explanation for it even? And I would check that persons other posts if I were you, before getting scared about the baby having lyme. I'm not saying don't consider it, just don't freak out. Of course i'll probably get insulted for saying that, again. I'm not pmsing before you even start with the personal insults.
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  • No, the doctor thought she might have bit her tongue, yet she doesn't even have her first tooth yet. :(
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  • Kind of sounds to me like that doctor was blowing you off. If I were you I would definately try another one. Or like I said try calling the er. They're more likely to answer questions for a new mom than anyone else since the er is often flooded with new moms panicing over a sneeze, lol.
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  • Hi, sorry ur so worried about your little girl, the only thing i can help u with is, low oxygen would cause her lips to turn blue, i have never heard of this only turning her tongue blue. I would seek another doctor out for second opinion. Regards :)
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  • I applaud you for giving your opinion, I have also been insulted. I don't quite understand why though, I mean if i thought that everyone had a rare disease (which, being rare means not very many people have it), I would expect people to say wait, maybe we should start with something a bit more common... anyways how old is your daughter? Does her tongue hurt, or is it just not its usual color? Have you noticed anything else about her that doesn't seem quite right (changes in sleeping, eating, anything at all). here are six things that could cause a blue tongue, also it is possible she did bite her tongue, because although she doesn't have teeth yet she does have gums but based on the way the doctor treated you, there could be a chance he/she missed something. 1. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Severe obstruction of bronchial air flow typically from bronchitis and/or emphysema....read more »2. Lichen planus Skin rash...read more »3. Lung conditions Various conditions affecting the lungs or related airways....read more »4. Polycythemia Excess red blood cells in the blood...read more »5. Pulmonary embolism Blocked lung blood vessel often from a blood clot....read more »6. Ventricular septal defect An abnormal connection between the 2 lower chambers (ventricles) of the heart....read more »I would suggest you get a second opinion, just in case.
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  • I have just returned from her doctor who told me it shouldn't worry me, but it does. Since last night, my little girl's tongue became a dark purple/blue color mainly on the end of her tongue and especially underneath. The rest of her mouth was the normal pink color it has always been. Her lips are fine and her fingers and body too. It is still dark and it has been about 24 hrs. I dont know what to do considering it is very hard to take my doctor's advice and just let it be.Could someone please help??? The fact that only the tip of her tongue is purple leads me to believe that she could have "bitten" it just by chomping with her gums. Does she breastfeed or take a bottle? What about a pacifier? How old is she? Why were you at the docs? For a check up or was something else wrong? DOM
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  • There is something called "purple tongue syndrome" which is a genetic condition: http://www.people.vcu.edu/~elhaij/genetics/ProblemSets/ps9.pdf
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  • THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL YOUR ADVICE.My baby is 7 months old. Her tongue seems to be getting a little bit lighter in color. I am actually taking her to a specialist today for a second opinion. You all convinced me. Thank you.:)
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  • have a child cardiologist check her out..
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  • What does she eat? she is kind of at a stage where she might be putting stuff in her mouth - like a pen?On the other hand - is it blue blue or just reddish-blue - there are growths called lymphanioma's - which are benign tumors of lymphatic tissue - usually present at birth or the first year of life. Is it just a color change or is it a little growth - they are common on the tongue, lips and buccal (cheeks) tissues? If soft and squishy it could be one of these.It could also be a bruise from gumming her tongue. Especially if she has teeth starting to come it - makes the gums harder.If it is going away it is most likely just a bruise. AND to put in my two cents about the insults and "rare" diseases. This is what we were taught on our first day. If you hear hoofbeats behind on, a horse is most likely behind you but you should ALWAYS remember that it could be a zebra --- that is, the most common cause is probably right but in your differential (which all doctors, NPs, PAs have), you should also have uncommon and rare diagnoses. Ruling out the more common problems can then allow the practitioner to focus on things that are rare and unusual (like lyme).
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  • KONIP222- How is she doing? Amanda I agree with you 110% I've just noticed a lot of things (lyme, electrosensity) that seem to be thrown into the diferential, despite only one of the symptoms matching. From what I understand the best dostors try to find a condition that can explain each and every symptom, rather than a different diagnosis for each individual symptom. I am not saying people should not post these concerns, I just want this to be kept in mind so people can avoid as many wild goose chases as possible.I think everyone who bothers to spend time on here trying to help people should be thanked, and am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, I just think maybe people should be looking for more matching symptoms, and remembering to include those common things, or horses, as most doctors' differentials are not solely comprised of zebras.
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  • to the poster above me.. thanks for that post. :) I myself thou do throw out a lot of "zebras" at times...but that is cause many of those here have already gone doctor to doctor without a diagnoses.. common things in that time have usually all been ruled out. So one starts looking for more uncommon things which also match up with the symptoms................. To the original poster. If it was a problem with oxygen.. I'd expect the babies lips to be blue and not just her blue tongue. little girl's tongue became a dark purple/blue color mainly on the end of her tongue Most likely explaination would be she's "gummed" it. (babies gums can be quite hard and they can really clamp down at times). If this was my baby.. i'd be just making sure she didnt get any more symptoms and waiting to see if it improves within the week................. Lyme??? .. for just that symptom.. what???? Blaze.. I dont think you even realise how ummm (i dont what to say stupid).. that comment is. Where is blue TONGUE on any lyme symptom list??
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  • I want to clarify something. I have no problem with rare conditions being suggested, I myself suggest things such as 14q deletion and segawa's dystonia. And I would expect doctors to diagnose the more common things, I sure hope they would. Most people are here because their doctor's haven't diagnosed them, and they are at the end of their rope. But, the problem comes when you waste people's time, and frustrate them further with wild goose chases by telling them they have something that matches one or none of their symptoms. It would be most helpful if differentials explain all or almost all of the symptoms. But, again, I am just glad people are on here to help others.
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  • With some its not horse's, its not zebra's.......... Its chipmunks wearing hog nail boots. They can not distinguish between one symptom to another & their symptoms grow at an alarming rate.........some of their diagnosis eg, brain tumours & many more crazy things.............this is not called helping ! They have been told many times by many members & still they persist ! They have driven many good members away & scared off many seeking help. ............................................................................................................. KONIP222, how is your baby girl ?
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  • Koni - I am experiencing this exact thing with my 3 week old daughter so I am curious to know how things are going with you and if you have any updates.
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  • HI, My daughter has exactly the same thing right now. the specialist told me she bite her tongue....:S but its not like a bruise, i was just wondering wath was the diagnosis, if you ever figured out what it was ? Thanks
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    • January 1, 2009
    • 09:24 PM
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  • I just wanted to say that for close to about a month now, our 6 1/2 mth. old baby girl has been going through the same thing. We noticed the bluish colour on her tongue and had no idea what it would be. In all other ways she was and has been perfectly fine and happy and healthy. I started wondering if it was from the acid in her apple juice..like a reaction. Even though i dilute her juice...I figured it could be possible. It got worse and wasn't going away so off to the pediactrics i went with her. He checked her over but said was was completely unaware of anything like that in infants..and told me he had no idea what it could be. He decided to treat her for thrush..even though he said it was not like thrush..but if it worked..then good. Tomorrow i am taking her back to the Dr. it has been 2 weeks since she took the med. for thrush..it faded the bluish colour at the time, but it is now back and is dark covering her tongue from back to front to almost the tip of it. Others I speak to have never heard of this either.
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  • http://symptoms.wrongdiagnosis.com/cosymptoms/purple-tongue-in-children.htm This link suggests it could be heart problems or lung problems.
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  • Hi,My son who is 7 1/2 months old has the same thing. He is teething (no teeth yet), but it was light blue and now it is dark blue. He does have a bit of ear infection, but the paed said maybe he sucked something (she didn't seem too concerned), but he hasn't put anything blue in his mouth. He otherwise seems happy, alert etc. Did you ever find out what caused it?
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    • August 18, 2009
    • 08:17 PM
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  • I found your post very interesting. About two weeks ago I noticed a discoloration to the back and underside of my baby's tongue. It was very blue but almost looked like a child who had sucked on a blue popcicle. We checked all of her toys and blankets etc. worrying that she may have been chewing on something that was giving her tongue this color and found nothing. She was on augmentin at the time so my husband and I thought maybe it was a staining of the tongue from the medication but noticed that after we finished the antibiotics it didn't go away. We called our pediatrician and are taking her in tomorrow morning. I'll let you know what we are told and see if it helps you as well. We are baffled because she is happy and healthy.
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    • January 21, 2010
    • 01:18 AM
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