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Neck/Arm Injury, now I have nerve damage?

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  • Posted By: BleakChic
  • June 6, 2008
  • 03:40 AM

About a month or so ago I was in a car accident on the interstate. I was going the speed limit, the woman behind me unfortunately was not... I was rear ended and thankfully made it out with everything more or less still attatched. I didn't feel any pain at first, but after about an hour I started to feel pain in my fingers then it moved it's way up until my fingers, wrist, shoulder, and neck all hurt. I went to the ER and they made sure nothing was broken and sent me home with some anti-inflamitorys.

About two days later the pain and swelling was so horrible that I went back to the ER. They gave me a shot for the pain, some pain pills, and muscle relaxers. I had been diagnosed with a sprained shoulder and various muscle strains, etc. The pills did absolutely nothing for me besides make me very sleepy. I mostly didn't take them and just waited for the swelling to go down. Well, when it did the numbness I had previously felt in my fingers didn't go away, plus I was still in slight pain. Just the nagging sort. I couldn't grip with my hand with all the swelling, but when it went down I still couldn't. Also my fingers are now prone to twitching and moving on their own, and I always feel like I have muscle spasms going on in my forearm and bicep. My neck sometimes still hurts, but not as bad. Also, the joint at my shoulder cracks ALOT. Like if I move my arm up or down, it cracks hard and loud.

I went to a Primary Care Physician and was told that there is probably nerve damage. I'm schedualed to go to a nurologist next week. I guess my question is, how likely is it that it's nerve damage? Consitering the symtoms (after almost two months on the mend) how bad could it be? How long can it take to recover from something like this and what's involved in the recovery? I relise that no one here is going to know for sure, but I'd just like an idea of what I might have to deal with if it is nerve damage.

I'm just really scared about all this. I'm a 23 year old cosmotology student and I was a little over two weeks away from graduating when this happened and it's my primary hand that's injured. This could wreck my career before it ever gets off the ground. :(

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  • Please get some acupuncture treatments and do this asap - acupuncture can help so much, especially post trauma. Visit www.nccaom.org or www.acufinder.com for a qualified practitioner near you. Acupuncture works!Best wishesDOM
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  • You should see a Pain Management Specialist Doctor if you continue to have pains, you may have damaged your spine and sustained a disk impingement.
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  • You should see a Pain Management Specialist Doctor if you continue to have pains, you may have damaged your spine and sustained a disk impingement. Again, I can't stress enough how helpful acupuncture can be for this problem! Best wishesDOM
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  • I had an arm ,neck pain that would not go away 19 years ago and i still get this pain ,i had an emg done on my left hand ,arm and it was determined in fact i had nerve damage,so for the last 19 years i had to sleep only on my right side and have lost all my teeth on the right side,sorta wierd? any way about 10 years ago i was driving a car that was under recall for frame cradle bolt falure that maybe they failed and i rolled the car ,well that did nothing to help my left arm but about a year later i noticed i had trouble peeing? i went to see a doctor and my prostate was checked ,neg, i was told? well i used to do alot of driving and my left but check used to get sore? well my left side has gotton worse along with left leg now,also the peeing trouble has gotton worseI take 6 or so ibroprofin and i can usually funtion ok unless i over do it then i get bed ridden? simple things like mowing 1/3 my yard will make it hurt bad ,even just walking and your arms swing back and forth with mess my left arm hurt bad also?well in the last few years I have noticed it gets hard to pass a good BM ,infact 3 or 4 times in the past year i have woke up from a dead sleep to painfully pass a bm ?this does not sound right? it mostly happens after i take tylanolPM's?so now i have my left arm messed up and my left sciatic nerve and over the last 10 years or so the peeing and bm trouble has gotton worse! what can be done now?
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    • November 14, 2008
    • 02:00 AM
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