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Edema, seizures, depression, hair loss, can't lose weight

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  • Posted By: Mouse In The House
  • May 28, 2008
  • 08:18 PM

I have been suffering with these symptoms for years and cannot get a diagnosis. I have been to many doc's, including a lymphedema specialist who diagnosed me with lymphedema with no cause or tests of any kind (???). I am a female, age 36. I can't stand this any more and am at wit's end and just miserable. Any serious advice or any similar personal testimonies will be taken into consideration, and very much appreciated!

I have severe and constant swelling in my legs and feet that gets worse in heat & humidity, and also at times my abdomen gets very swollen and hard; hair loss and thinning since puberty; I have had 2 miscarriages; I produced no milk after my one successful pregnancy; I am hot almost all the time, and my face and neck get reddened patches often; depression and fatigue; obesity and have a very very hard time losing weight (took me 6 mos. to lose 19 lbs doing Weight Watchers faithfully); I had my first grand-mal nocturnal seizure in my 8th month of pregnancy and then had 2 or 3 more within the next year or so, then was put on Dilantin - haven't and had any more seizures since getting on Dilantin; I have gas and bloating, and have constant heartburn if I don't take anything for it, and often feel nauseus and sometimes will get bad stomach cramping and the chills after eating raw vegetables or sometimes fish.

Thank you!

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  • Have you had any blood tests done? A good place to start would be hormones. TSHT4T3Anti-TpoAnti-Tg All for thyroid issues. Cortisol (needs to be tested in the am and pm)C-peptide (for insulin resistance)GlucoseLHFSH There are more, but this is a good start. In the meantime, you should cut out all dietproducts that contain aspartame as well. You should also try reading about hypercortisolism and Cushings disease an also ask for a referral to see an endo. Good luck Kiera
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  • I've had all the bloodtests done that Kiera mentioned, multiple times. Doc's say the bloodtests are normal, hormone levels are normal. My BP does not run high... usually 120/76 to 80. I've had the thinning hair since age 14 (1986), and the edema in my legs began around 1996. I also have very poor memory, long and short term. My memory used to be very sharp until around my mid-to-late 20s. I do sometimes have heart palpitations (my heart feels like it flutters or "skips a beat"). I have irregular periods, and when I do get one it's usually heavy, where as up until I had my daughter 8 yrs. ago, my periods ran on time every month and were very predictable. Now it will seem to be on a normal schedule for about 4 months or so, then all of a sudden I won't get one for a few months. I have not seen an ob/gyn in a long time, and I know that I probably need to go. I just have a feeling they'll give me no answers, as usual, and probably try to put me on the pill, which I won't do. I think that since I began taking the Dilantin around 7 yrs ago my hair has thinned more, and I've read online that sometimes that can sometimes happen. Who knows. It still wouldn't explain why it began to thin to begin with. Before I hit around age 14, my hair was very, very thick and straight. At 14, it began to thin to where you could noticably see my scalp, and also got wavy. Blaze, there are 5 towers and 5 antennas in my area (4 mile radius). We have lived here for 3 years. I haven't yet done a search on my previous address/s. There was a big electrical tower at the top of our suburbian street in the housing plan where I grew up, though. It's been blamed for lots of issues on that street, such as MS, 3 heart attacks (1 fatal), Hodgkin's Disease, severe digestive/stomach problems, depression (1 suicide), alcoholism, domestic violence, one man with an unexplained illness with similar symptoms of MS, etc. (There have also been rumors and speculations that the land was a Native American burial ground, as well, blaming the badness on that!) Thanks for your help and your time! :)
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  • Are you considered short? Recurrant miscarriage, edema, obesity and celiac disease (possibly the cause of your stomach cramping) are associated with Turner syndrome in women. Turner's is compliacted. You *can* have it and still get pregnant. Try here: http://www.turnersyndrome.org/
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  • You must listen to this as I've had these symptoms (except for seizures). My palpitations turned into full blown arrhytmia and almost killed me a few times. It is like 90% likely that it is because you are eating an American diet which is loaded with free glutamic acid. Avoiding foods with this has revolutionized my health. Please research it. Please! Then spread the word!I know it's all true because enough of my family and friends have started to avoid msg after seeing how fast I was going toward death and how it all changed with I stopped eating foods with msg/free glutamic acid. Many doctors don't know about this but some do, so you might get a few doctors not believing you. You'll just have to do the toxicity test on msgmyth.com, and I'd suggest doing it for longer than it suggests.www.msgmyth.comwww.msgtruth.orgwww.truthinlabeling.org
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    • September 21, 2008
    • 08:14 AM
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  • Have you considered the possibility you might have Celiac Disease, which is an autoimmune reaction to a protein in gluten containing grains (wheat, rye, barley)? The only 'cure' is to stop eating gluten (easier said than done - gluten is in a lot of foods and ingesting even miniscule amounts can make a sufferer sick). An internet search will turn up a wealth of websites with good information on Celiac Disease, its symptoms, etc... (But none has all the details, so you'll probably want to check out a few.) Example:http://www.digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/celiac/index.htmAn excellent on-line community for people with questions about Celiac Disease and how to live with it (I can't recommend them and their archives highly enough) is located here:http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/This is a wonderful place for those who wonder if they have it, just learned they have it, have known for years that they have it, and for friends and loved ones of those who have it. If you decide to seek medical advice about Celiac: don't let a health care professional tell you you can't have it because you aren't underweight - unfortunately, that's a popular misconception. Antibody tests (from a blood sample), and a scope and biopsy of the small bowel are used to diagnose CD - but they can't identify all cases. Some people just put themselves on a gluten-free diet and see what happens. (Note: don't go gluten free if you intend to get tested - you must be eating gluten for the test results to be valid.) I wish you the best, and hope you discover the cause soon.
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    • December 17, 2008
    • 08:13 PM
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  • I am a 33-year-old woman who has been suffering for years also. I too have been to see countless doctors for years who have told me I have everything from polycystic ovaries to fibromyalgia to an active imagination. (uugghh!) However, over the past month, I have finally been told that I have Lupus and a severe vitamin D deficiency. Who knows...not a whole lot that can be done, but it might be something to look into.
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    • December 18, 2008
    • 04:01 AM
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