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Easy bruising, syncope, normal CBC and CMP

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  • Posted By: CloudHidden
  • May 7, 2008
  • 03:31 PM

The title pretty much sums it up. I am covered with huge purple bruises that I have no idea how they get there. I don't take aspirin or ibuprofen or anything. I have had a couple of episodes of passing which (I think) were due to orthostatic hypotension from extreme mental stress and rapid weight loss. Anyway I don't have so much stress anymore and have gained back some weight. But I still get dizzy when I stand up (also failed a tilt-table test so miserably they told me I might have broken a record for fastest passer-outer), have these bruises, fatigue, emotional lability, joint pain, and severe headaches about every other day which I've stopped even trying to take medicine for because they are refractory to everything including if I go to bed or take a nap I will wake up and still have the headache.

Anyway, obviously most all of these symptoms could easily be psychiatric-related, except the bruising thing is what I'm really curious about. Multiple people keep asking me "What happened to you?" I listed all the other symptoms just in case they could help point to something specific.

I've had full cardiac workup for the syncope, normal echo, ekg, CBC, CMP, 24 hour urine for catecholamines, chest x-ray, etc. I am just wondering
if anyone has any idea why this bruising thing could be happening when I have had multiple CBCs and CMPs come back normal. Not sure if they did coags, but a bleeding problem like that would still show on the CBC right?

If anyone has any clue I'd really appreciate it, I'm a little concerned since it seems easy bruising is usually a sign of something bad.

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  • I can't believe I forgot to add this. I have a huge problem with very tenacious sputum that seems to be constantly stuck somewhere deep in my throat or something. Sometimes I almost choke on it. When it comes up (which requires A LOT of persistence), it is yellow and dark brown and practically solid. I've had this for almost two years and the only thing they do is listen to your lungs to make sure it's not in your lungs and then tell you to drink more water. WEll, I tried guzzling water along with taking Mucinex 1200 mg time release two times a day for a few weeks, and there was absolutely no change. I don't cough or anything. Just have to make this wretched sound all the time so I can move the stuff out of my throat for a minute or two. Anyone every heard of anything like this? Not sure if it's related to the above because I've had it for way longer.
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  • Sorry, one more thing I just thought of while reading another message board is that I have excessive menstrual bleeding, one time about six months ago I actually went to the ER by ambulance because me and my mom thought I was hemorrhaging and bleeding out. Anyway they said it was just a heavy menstrual period, so I felt dumb. But my hemoglobin was 10.0 which I'm usually 13-14 so at least that showed that I really did lose some blood. Sorry to keep adding I just want to get everything listed.
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  • I am not a doctor, but you should get tested for leukemia perhaps. Have you seen a doctor?
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  • Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas for you, because I have the same problem with bruising. I am researching myself and if I come with anything I will let you know. Please inform me if you get any answers as well...Thanks! :rolleyes:
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