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Ejaculating Blood

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  • Posted By: mchizzle
  • April 16, 2008
  • 02:57 AM

A few years ago I was masturbating when I ejaculated blood. It was a LOT of blood and came out pretty steady; it wasn't like there was a little bit. I was terrified but I stupidly didn't go to the doctors. The blood soon clotted inside of my penis and I had to push very hard next time I went to urinate. I pushed as hard as I could and a huge clot of blood finally came out along with a steady stream of urine mixed with DARK red blood. It burned like crazy. I waited a few weeks after that before ejaculating again and everything was fine.

Then about 8 months later I was having sex with my girlfriend and the same thing happened. I ejaculated enough blood to completely fill a condom and it flowed out of the sides. Again, I was terrified. This time I tried to push like I did the first time but nothing came out. I figured I would try again in the morning and I went to bed. I woke up the next morning and still couldn't go. By 5 PM that night I could feel the pressure building in my bladder and it was REALLY starting to hurt. I finally bit my lip and went to the emergency room. They stuck a catheter in me and drained a TON of blood, urine and huge red blood clots. I tore my ACL in high school and the catheter compared to that painwise was not even on the same scale. I had never hurt this much in my life. They ended up hooking up this thing that flushed my bladder out with a saline solution via some double-tubed catheter. Once they were satisfied that my bladder was blood-free, they told me to try and urinate. I couldn't, 4 hours later.

They put the catheter back in (ow :((() and admitted me to the hospital. They did a ridiculous amount of tests over the next 4 days and none of them provided an answer. They X-Rayed me twice; once just laying on a table and once by putting that fluid stuff into me and watching it go through my body. They did a bunch of STD tests and they all came out fine. The whole time I was having saline solution pumped into my bladder by one catheter tube and removed from another. The solution would go in clear and come out tinted red with a few little blood clots every now and then.

By the 4th day, they figured they ran out of options so they put me under and did some procedure where they put a camera inside of my urethra (...) That also proved fruitless as they said that everything looked fine with the exception of a tiny bit of scarring on my bladder wall.

They sent me home. 12 hours later I still couldn't urinate so I went to the urologist that I spoke to at the hospital. They put a catheter in me and told me to come back in a month. After the most painful month in my life (have you ever gotten an erection while having a catheter in your penis? oh my god), I returned and they took it back out. The lady pumped what seemed like a gallon of water into my bladder, handed me a bucket, and told me to urinate. It burned but I did it. Blood-free too.

The urologist said he had no idea why what had happened had happened. Then he proceeded to say "yeah, that'll happen sometimes." I'm relatively sure this isn't a normal thing for healthy 23 year old males to go through.

About a month later I got an erection that started leaking blood. I had been too terrified to try ejaculating the entire month so I waited for the erection to subside. Once it did I went to try and urinate, and couldn't. A tiny bit of bloody urine seemed to squeak through the crack in my urethra. I kept returning to the bathroom every 10 minutes and a little bit came out each time. Finally during one of my trips to the bathroom, I passed the blood clot. It was massive and followed by a steady stream of dark red blood/pee.

I returned to the urologist and he gave me a prostate exam. He said everything felt fine. I also got more x-rays and they ruled out any kidney stones.

It's been about 10 months since all this happened and I still go through EVERY SINGLE DAY terrified that it will happen again. I've gotten no answers from the doctors and its cost me a ton of money just to attempt to return to normalcy.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be causing this? I've been taking multivitamins and drinking cranberry juice and doing everything I can think of to try and stay healthy but whenever I feel a tiny twinge of pain below the waist, I panic.

I hate living in fear of this happening again.

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  • I found the information below on the Internet and thought it may be helpful. I do not know if it is reliable information but thought I would pass it on to you.Blood in the semen is called hematospermia. It is due to a tear in one of the fragile veins of the prostate gland. The blood in the urinae is from the same source. The prostate is the organ that produces the majority of the seminal fluid in response to sexual stimulation. Irritation of the gland (prostatitis) can cause it to become inflamed and predisposed to bleed. Some factors leading to inflammation include too frequent or too infrequent ejaculation, sexual arousal without ejaculation, withdraw at the time of ejaculation, excessive alcohol or spicy foods, prolonged sitting or bike riding, etc. The prostate may then become secondarily infected and require antibiotic therapy for cure. When the prostate contracts at the time of ejaculation, a vein may tear and blood mixes with the semen. Red blood indicates new and dark discoloration indicates previous bleeding. Sometimes as the prostate gradually enlarges with age, friable veins called varices develop on its surface. These are also prone to tearing. In this case, hematospermia may occur or one may notice blood in the urine either with initiation of voiding or terminally. Hematospermia is not a typical sign of prostate cancer. However, it is smart that you checked with a urologist to evaluate your condition. The Cipro may help if there is an associated prostate infection. The Proscar helps to shrink the prostate and the associated blood vessels but often takes 6 months for this to occur. To follow is some general information on prostatitis that you might find helpful. The most common cause of these complaints is an inflammation of the prostate gland, so called prostatitis. Symptoms that might occur with prostatitis include frequency of urination, slowing of the urinary stream, burning with voiding or ejaculation, burning in the penile tip unrelated to voiding, sexual dysfunction (such as difficulty with erection), aching in the penis, testicles, and discomfort in the lower abdomen, low back, groin, rectum or perineum (the area between the scrotum and rectum – betwixt the “wind and the rain”). The prostate is the organ that produces the majority of the semen in response to sexual stimulation. At the time of orgasm, the prostate contracts and forces its fluid into the urethra (urinary canal). Too frequent or too infrequent ejaculation, sexual arousal without ejaculation, withdraw at the time of ejaculation, aggressive bike or horse back riding, and excessive spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeine in the diet can predispose you to this. One should avoid any of the above that apply and ejaculate in moderation (about once or twice a week). Ejaculation beyond the tolerance of the prostate to fill and empty may also cause discomfort. Likewise if one does so infrequently, fluid still builds up from thoughts, dreams, fantasies, etc. and has to be released periodically to decompress the gland and relieve the symptoms. A daily warm bath for 10-15 minutes also lessens the discomfort. There are several types of prostatitis. Sometimes prostatitis can be due to an infection of the gland with bacteria. This usually requires a 4 week course of an appropriate antibiotic. Typically, pus cells and bacteria are found in the prostatic fluid. Abacterial prostatitis has several varieties. In one, the prostatic fluid demonstrates pus cells but no bacteria. In the other, called prostadynia, there are neither pus cells nor bacteria in the fluid, just the symptoms. In all types of prostatitis, the urinalysis generally is normal unless the infection spreads into the bladder. Abacterial prostatitis usually responds to the general measures mentioned above. Medications that sometimes help include the over-the-counter natural supplement saw palmetto 320 mgm daily and alpha blockers (such as Flomax, Hytrin & Cardura). The latter require a prescription from you physician if he thinks it is indicated. Prostatitis may also be classified as acute (severe), subacute (mild), or asymptomatic. It may also occur as a single episode, recurrent or chronic. http://en.allexperts.com/q/Urology-Male-issues-989/Blood-Semen-Urine.htmHere is another answer:http://www.askmen.com/sports/health/10b_mens_health.html
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  • Thanks. Unfortunately I've already read all of that and don't fall into any of the categories. My problem is that I ejaculated blood rather than semen with blood in it. Mine was pure 100% blood, no semen whatsoever.I re-read the question on that allexperts.com link and what happened to that guy sounds exactly like what happened to me. Unfortunately the answer on there doesn't help either because it focuses on prostatitis, which my urologist told me he didn't think I have (after doing a prostate biopsy.)I do think I am going to start taking 320 mg of saw palmetto every day like recommended in that article though.
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  • You had a biopsy? I assume he also tested for cancer and none was detected? Did your doctor do a PSA blood test? If so, what was your PSA?A biopsy does not always detect cancer cells on the first round. I have a friend with prostate cancer, it took 3 biopsy's (12 cores each) to find the cancer as samples are taken from different areas. I know you are young, but I would have the PSA test if you haven't had it. Just make sure he does the digital exam "AFTER" the PSA test, as doing it before can cause a rise in your PSA.Also, has your doctor tried antibiotics as a form of treatment?I have not read or heard of someone having ejaculate with no semen and only blood. I will continue to research it and will post if I find anything.
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  • I forgot to add: has your doctor done any tests for bladder cancer, i.e. biopsy?
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  • Yep, they tested for cancer and didn't find anything. I'm not sure about the PSA test or not. I think they did because they took a few blood samples from me and it took 2 or 3 days to get the results from them. I was on an IV of Dilaudid so I was delirious for 75% of the hospital stay (thank god.) They did however tell me I was cancer free and STD free so I'm assuming they did a PSA test and it looked normal.They did a biopsy on my bladder the same day they did the cystoscopy. They ruled it out too.
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  • I somehow doubt a PSA test would have been included under these circumstances. Please ask your doctor. This test is useful in prostate cancer diagnosis.You may trust your doctor and his theories, but I will tell you that many people have had to become very active in their own healthcare as doctors are not. :(Please be sure to manage them and not have them manage you.
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  • I no longer live in the same state but I'll see if I can check my medical records or find someone to do it for me. Also I don't trust the urologist, at all. I think he's completely full of it. He told me that sometimes people just ejaculate pure blood and that I'll just have to deal with it when it comes up. There is no way that's true. There has to be some underlying cause or something that happened.
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  • have you had any type of ultrasound/sonogram done?
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  • Just the prostate exam ultrasound.
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  • same exact thing happened to me. i was about 15 at the time, it happened once, scared the **** out of me. i didnt masturbate for a couple of days, tried again, same result. so that really scared me so i didnt for about a month. it still did it, but it was less blood. eventually over time it slowly diminished untill now; it is completely gone. towards the end, it was almost like pieces of aloe in the semen; little pieces of gelatin like substance. not sure what that means haha but it was weird. its been about 2 or 3 years since then and the problem has not returned since then.it also sucks cause you dont want to get with a girl during that time, if that ever happened with anyone but myself i might kill myself haha
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  • Just the prostate exam ultrasound.Mchizzle, are you still there? I think it's been nearly 2 years.
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  • Have you had anyone look into Varicoceles? I had a similar thing happening and ultrasound showed a varicocele around my left testicle. Most of the time it was just an annoyance...but every now and then for a couple days it would be real sharp pain and about a week or so later over the course of a couple weeks I would experience the bleeding you described, but never the difficulty with urinating or noticeable blood clots.
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