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no gallbladder, appendix and still problems!

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  • Posted By: angiea2105
  • March 26, 2008
  • 05:32 AM

In summer of 05 i had my wonderful daughter (no problems during pregnacy). After having her I had severe stomach pains, went to the ER and found out i had gallstones....in oct. 05 it was removed. After the surgery I had and sadly still have recurring stomach pains after eating. I went into the ER 3 times for recurring kidney infections. Fed of 07 I had severe pains so bad I went to the ER (once again) and found out i had appendicitis. My appendix was removed that night (emergancy surgery).

From the time after I had my first surgery (gallbladder) until now I still have problems with my stomach. It always happens after I eat. I get BAD pains in my lower stomach, oily diarrhea, feel hot as if i need to pass out, and the pain doesnt go away until i go to the bathroom. The pain is worse then giving birth!! This happens about 4+ times a week. It doesnt matter what i eat, nothing helps. I have tried tums, rolaids, pepto, zantac, prilocac, anti-gas, IBS pills, fiber supplement pills. NOTHING helps. I cant even eat in public anymore without the worry of me having bad pains and running to the bathroom. :(

Last month I had blood work and a colonoscopy done (too look for crohns, u.c colitis). Everything came up fine (let me tell you how frusatation that was!)

I'm running out of options I dont know what else to do. I'm getting married in June and was hoping the colonoscopy would have my answers...WRONG! :(:confused:

Is there anyone else out there with these problems? Anything to relieve the pain? What should my next step be to find out whats wrong?:confused:

I'm a 21 year old female, 120lbs, 5'3.

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  • It still may matter what you eat if you have food sensitivities or even food allergies....even a tiny bit of the food you are allergic to or sensitive to can cause problems ....and the problems may not happen right a away...even a day or two later. You might want to be tested for celiacs disease for gluten sensitivities and you may want to talk to your doctor about this as well as being tested for other allergies or sensitivities. In addition, your doctor may have you try a restriction diet to identify foods that typically cause folks trouble that have sensitivities...most likely you will be on this for several weeks to a month and then the usual course is that you add back in one food at a time to see what you may be sensitive to. Some typical ones are anything with gluten (many processed foods have this...even medicines and over the counter stuff...you may be surprised!), dairy, wheat, and soy just to name a few. Now this in only one idea. It is possible you have some other issues going on and may be best to see another specialist in digestive area. Joan
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  • It sounds like there is definitely something wrong with your colon. All diseases start in the colon.I do know that a complete raw fruit and vegetable diet will help anything.Maybe you should try only eating raw fruits and vegetables. You may still have problems for a while but in time You will get well.All diseases are caused by weak immune systems. Eating raw fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to get the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that you need to build up your immune system.Results are not usually immediate. It take a little bit of time to strengthen the immune system and then fix the problem.One woman who had diabetes, high blood pressure, and RA and was completely well after 8 months of eating 2 completely raw fruit and vegetable meals and 1 partially cooked and partially raw fruit and vegetable meal every day.I hope this helps you.Desiree Jordan
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  • Have you actually had your gall bladder removed? If yes your symptoms could be as a result of that, or you may have a hole in your gall bladder. My mum has this and gets similar problems to you.
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  • Sorry I didn't read your post properly. You have had your gall bladder removed. My mum has a hole in her gall bladder and has similar symptoms to you, although not as severe. She was advised by her Dr not to have her gall bladder removed as this can cause the symptoms you describe. Apparently the majority of people are fine after their gall bladder is removed, but some develop the symptoms you have after their gall bladder is removed. Sorry this is a bit vague, but it is all second hand through my mum. Might be worth looking on the net though about complications from gall bladder removal as this should give you more info. I'm nots ure if anything can be done about it I am afraid.
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  • You may have celiacs disease (gluten intolerance) its an allergy that fights your immune system and causes similar symptoms. i also knew someone also who had similar symptoms and found out all the cells in her stomach that made her stomach mash up food weren't working and were dead, and always will be. She also had many misdiagnosis's before and had a colonoscopy.Her stomach cannot digest anything thicker than the consistency of apple sauce or it will sit for at least a week in her stomach before digested. Eating salad would hurt her more than something more squishable like bread because salad isnt mashable.
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