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Gastroparesis and Tachycardia. Anyone know Why?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 7, 2008
  • 01:49 AM

Help me Please! I'm open to any and all theories no matter how far fetched they may seem.

About 2 years ago during a time of intense stress in my life I was diagnosed with "idiopahic" Gastroparesis. Once I got the symptoms settled down somewhat I felt pretty much normal, especially if I stayed away from Carbohydrates (no clue why) except for what I call attacks where I would throw up and experience flu like symptoms such as chills and joint aches but no fever, rather a low temperature (97.3 degrees). This would last for a day and I would feel nausea for about a week after but then I would be pretty good again for a while. The attacks in the beginning were about every few months but have gotten gradually more frequent until Last september when I started to feel light headed/ dizzy and very tired. I was low on iron but not anemic so I started to take iron but that didn't fix it. Turns out I was experiencing tachycardia and my pulse was just racing all the time. My pulse is approx 110 bpm resting and on a Beta Blocker but it comes and goes in waves. The doc put me on a beta blocker which helped some but it's effectiveness seems to be wearing off and gradually my pulse is getting higher and higher. Problem is that I have low blood pressure ( 90-100 systolic 50-60 dyastolic) so increasing the BetaBlocker isn't going to work. I also feel palpitations. Some days I feel really bad and I'm very confused and use wrong words when I'm speaking or really have to concentrate to understand things. Other days I feel better but those days are getting rarer and rarer. Pretty much every day I feel that my head is spinning. The gastroparesis seems to be kicked into higher gear as well so I have to believe they are related in some fashion. I firmly believe that there is something causing all of these symptoms but I don't know what.

The doctors have done some testing but so far no clue. I think the doctors are running out of theories although I wouldn't say they have really looked that far.

Other random pieces of the puzzle (or not)::confused:
I am female, overweight- 5'5", 190 lbs and rising, My heart is fine but beating too fast. Glucose is normal (fasting = 80 mg/dl: 2 hour post glucose= 124 mg/dl), My insulin levels are high post glucose(fasting= 10.8uIU/mL, 2 hour post glucose= 128UIU/ML). Diagnosed with Insulin resistance. A random catecholamine(not 24 hour) test was normal. Prolactin is normal as are TSH & T4. LH and FSH are on the low side but normal. Urinary Cortisol is 0 so no Cushings. I was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis 3 years ago due to a gall stone.

Thank you for reading through all of this. I know it is a lot to digest but I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. If I can't even diagnose the problem I can't fix it!!! :eek:

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