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swollen lymph nodes- two years

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  • Posted By: haberdashery
  • December 28, 2007
  • 05:33 PM

One morning I woke up with a severely enlarged lymph node under my right arm, I could not raise my arm without pain. It was a Saturday so I went to a weekend walk in clinic. The doctor explained the cause was an infection, and though we could not find an infection, he prescribed a heavy dose of antibiotics. I followed the dosage- and it did not help. I then went to my regular doctor. She ran several blood tests for STDs, cancers, auto-immune, etc. Nothing came back. I went to a different doctor who performed the same tests. After no results, she finally prescribed me steroids, which at least alleviated the tender, swollen lymph nodes. The doctor suggested modifying my diet- I cut out meat, dairy, caffeine, I tried a "detox" diet- nothing has worked. I even tried lymph drainage massages and warm compresses. I switched deoderants- and went a full two weeks without deoderant or shaving my underarms. The lymph nodes were still swollen. This process would recur every couple of months- my lymph nodes on my neck, groin, and most painful- under my arm, would swell and the only thing to bring them back down would be steroids. I would sometimes wait a full month before going to the doctor, in the hope that they would go down on their own- they never did. Two summers ago they did a sonogram of my underarms- which resulted in a mammogram- thankfully no breast cancer, but no diagnosis either. Finally last summer they did a biopsy of a swollen lymph node on my neck- which came back with no answers. The surgeon said this is just how my body reacts- with swollen lymph nodes that never go back down without steroids. When the pain is too unbearable, I make an appointment and the doctor gives me a steroid shot (the pills had to many side effects- no sleep for a week + during treatment, etc).

Is there some other cause that no one has looked for? Is there another way to relieve the swollen nodes? I cannot take the answer- this is just how my body is- when I lived twenty-one years without swollen lymph nodes.

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  • HI.There are a couple of reasons for inflamed lynph nodes. This normally happens with almost all types of infections because the lympatic system is the gateway to get rid of dead bacteria. There are a couple of reasons why you would have chronic lymphadenopathy. Extra pulmonary TB, some carcinomas, lymhatic carcinomas.There are ways to findout if one of these are the culprits. The doctor should be able to distinguish if the nodes are mobile or non-mobile, if they are soft or hard ( nodular) which could mean a cancer of some sort. He should also be able to do an Incision and drainage which could easily isolate and identify a lot of things by doing a culture and sensitivity. Its also possible if you were a chronic smoker before.http://www.healthknow.info/lymphatic_system.asp
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    • February 13, 2008
    • 11:21 AM
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  • Sorry to hear you are having trouble. My 16 year old son has been suffering similar painful swollen nodes for 8 months now. His are always swollen in his armpits, and occassionally in the groin and neck. He is pale, losing weight for no reason(7 pounds in 7 days), is occassionally fatigued and he just doesn't look right. He had his second CT scan of the chest today, has had dozens of different blood tests, and a chest X-ray. All of which has turned up some puzzling results: calcification of a lung (?), a slightly enlarged spleen, and a positive result (which they have warned us could be a false-positive) for an auto-immune disorder. What the heck?! We still have no definitive answers, but would be willing to keep you posted if any of this sounds familiar to you.We're really hoping for a biopsy soon, as we've heard that is the only way to know for sure whether we are dealing with a Lymphoma.Best wishes...
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  • Hi. I just wanted you to know that I too have had problems with my lymphnodes. About 2 years ago, I woke up one morning with a golf-ball sized lymphnode in my groin. It was very painful to walk or cross my legs, after a day with the family, I returned home and noticed I had been running fever. It spiked to 104 and would not go down with tylenol and motrin. My dh took me to the ER where they were convinced that I just had a pulled muscle in my groin, but with failed attempts to bring my fever down and my b/p dropping and my pulse rate in the 130's, I was sent immediately to the ICU. I was in the hospital for a week. While there they monitored the size of the node with cat-scans and after the third one showing no significant change, I was scheduled for surgery. They removed it and later informed me that it was not cancerous. I had to finish 5 different antibiotics and they still could not tell me why it just popped up like it did. While there though, I was told by a nurse who had similiar problems that a lot of times once you have one removed, you will have problems with others. I've noticed some problems in my groin area although not as severe and under my arms. I don't know if my story will help you or not but good luck and happy health to you. I'm not sure if things are related but I've noticed that since having my gallbladder removed, a lot of things just aren't working like they should with my body and I'm only 34. It's almost like I took a tire off the car and now I'm driving around on 3 wheels...
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  • What were the steroids the doctor prescribed to you?
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    • November 24, 2010
    • 09:56 PM
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