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Swollen Lymph Nodes + chest and abdominal pain

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  • Posted By: runawayson
  • December 20, 2007
  • 01:00 AM

Last May (about 8 months ago), I was preparing to visit my family in the U.S. for a 3 week vacation. Im a 28 year old male and live in Berlin. 2 nights before I left I began experiencing some shortness of breath. Through the course of the evening my symptoms got worse and worse. I started feeling considerable pain on the left side of my chest and numbness on the left side of my neck. 6am I decided to to take a cab to my nearest ER. I wanted to make sure I wasn't having a "cardiac event". The docs gave me an EKG and took some blood to verify that I wasn't having a heart attack. EKG and blood showed no evidence of heart attack. They wanted to keep me there for 24 hours to monitor me, but since the costs were prohibitive and the next day I had to catch a trans-atlantic flight. I signed the papers to get out of there. They gave me some aspirin and I went home still in quite a bit of pain. That day I purchased a short-term health insurance policy in the US. The next day I flew home. The flight was a nightmare I had to stop in Paris and Atlanta before getting home. As the flight was an hour west of Paris. The pain was at an all time high and I started to lose sensation in my left arm and left side of my neck. I just tried to ignore it for the next 6 hours. The pain just got worse. At that point I decided that maybe I should let the flight attendant know that I was experiencing these symptoms. She was very nice and said that my color looked good and said that she could get me some oxygen, maybe that'd help. She got me oxygen... Didn't help. Apparently there was a doctor sitting in first class who noticed me with the oxygen. He came up to me and told me he was a doctor and asked if he could help. I told him the symptoms. He thought I had Pleuresy or Pericarditis. He said that I will likely survive the trip, and be sure to see a doctor when I'm home. I made it home and the next day I saw my family doctor. The doctor did a full workup and a CBC and said that I likely have Pericarditis. He also diagnosed me with Prostatitis, as I was urinating very often. And his test confirmed it...(not pleasant) He prescribed Cipro (Antibiotics). CBC came back normal. I went back to the doc 3 weeks later and by that time the pain was about 40% better. The doc said these things take time to heal. Right before I headed back to Europe. I noticed a very large lymph node underneath the right side of my jaw. Quite odd because it didn't hurt like swollen lymph nodes usually do. A few days later it went away. I returned to Berlin. In August things took a turn for the worse again. I began having night-sweats and losing weight (about 7 lbs) and an enlarged painless lymph node showed up on the left side of my neck. On top of all that the chest pain was back, this time it was a little below the heart. I went to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and she seemed quite alarmed at my symptoms. She said that it could be lymphoma. She recommend that I see an Internist/Blood specialist. The Internist ordered a CBC including HIV and Epstein-Barr test + a neck CT scan. Blood came back normal, HIV Ep-barr both negative. The CT scan verified the lymph node enlargements. The report said "Proof of Multiple Lymph Node enlargements in Groups II, III as well as IV. These are conspicuous because of the number of enlargements along the large neck cavity as well as along the Jaw, up to the size of 10 x 5 mm (Borderline size)." The doctor then recommended that I get a chest x-ray. That came back normal. He than said come back in two months for another blood test. So I waited... In that time the lymph nodes would go down a bit and then get big again. The night sweats got a little better and the chest pain got a little better. However I began having quite a bit of abdominal pain (upper-left quadrant) Also urine darkened and loose stools began. During this time period I also caught a nasty case of the flu. I went to the doc after the recommened 2 months. Got the new blood tests and told him the new symptoms. He said come back for results and an abdominal ultra-sound. Blood tests came back normal. Ultra-sound also normal. He had no advice for me after that. That was last month. I still have the abdominal pain, some chest pain, the lymph nodes are bigger than ever. They've seemed to harden in the past few weeks. It is as if I have a line of discomort starting at the left side of my jaw going down to the left side of my upper abdomen. I get periodic back pain and leg pain now too. For 10 years I was in perfect shape never needed to see a doctor, that all changed this year. My energy is very low. I'm at a loss at what this could be. Looking online is also a black hole. Sarcoidosis? Cancer? Just some real nasty undetectable virus? Perhaps someone out there can help.

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