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Chronic throat clearing... Not allergies

  • Posted By: lNlPidge
  • November 13, 2007
  • 03:29 PM

I have gone to several doctors for this, including an ENT and none of them can tell me whats wrong. They all just tell me its allergies and give me a nasal allergy medicine (which makes it worse).

Here are my symptoms:
-Symptoms have been consistent since may '06
-I regularly feel like I have to clear fluid from my trachea.
-Happens everyday, but not all day long.
-Happens more when I eat.
-Need to clear throat is less if I am thirsty (cotton mouth)
-Need to clear is greater with foods that make me salivate (spicy, sour)
-Doesn't happen when I am laying down (night or early morning)
-Seasons dont affect it
-Only allergy is to cats, which I am never around. No pollens, etc.

-This has been a problem for about a year and a half now. I had pharyngitis (sp?) and lost my voice. my doctor gave me antibiotics to clear up the infection, but my voice never came back. After ~6 wks he gave me a steroid inhaler to heal the swelling around my vocal cords. I apparently have always cleared my throat more than the usual person, but these symptoms I have now are significantly more noticeable than anything I had before. It gets to the point now that I actually hyperventalate from clearing my throat too much, making me dizzy.

Took a look at my vocal cords and said that one doesn't move as much as the other, and the more active one compensates by coming over further. Not sure if he thought that was a result or a cause???

Personal Diagnosis:
No doctor here, but it seems that my epiglottis is allowing fluid to drain into my trachea and onto my vocal cords, making me feel the need to clear my throat. I dont know if it is sopposed to block this sort of thing, but it seems obvious to me that it is just saliva going into my trachea that is causing the issue, since it happens more when I am eating and not at all when I am laying down.

If anybody can help I greatly appreciate it. This is not only a nuisance to me and my family, but it is beginning to make me worry that there may be a more serious problem.


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