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Abnormal optic nerve shape

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  • Posted By: PixieMischief
  • October 4, 2007
  • 11:44 AM

Hi all im 24 years old and was born with a condition called Osteogenesis imperfecta. A genetic connective tissue disorder that causes fragile bones. Im stating this cause maybe it has to do with my eye issue.

OK well ive seen many optometris and a few optomologists. anyways my eye site has been dropping yearly since I was about 13 was told it was normal and would "stabilize" when I hit end of puberty at 18. anyways it hasnt. my eye site in one eye i believe is now -450 and probably worse then that just those eye tests are confusing when they show lenses almost the same lol
anyways this year I went for my 2 year check up I go every 2 years since my eye sight drops so much. and she freaked out saying my optic nerve was not normally shaped and that I might have glaucoma I was like :| I didnt know btw then that it can be treated so I freaked out since I know its leading cause of blindness in older people or one of them. Anyways she wanted me to see a specialist ASAP.... he did tests... he came to talked to us and said tests where all fine and he had no idea why I was sent there... he looked into my eyes and then said now I see why you where sent here. Your tests for glaucoma are negative.. your optic nerve is not normal. he kinda shrugged like it wasnt a big deal nor should be worried about. I was like well since glaucoma is caused by not enough blood flow ect.. if my optic nerve is not straight obviously blood flow is impared. told him should I not get checked yearly? he was like I Guess.. good idea. usualy thats what I recommend (He wasnt gonna recommend it till I said it Im sure). Ive seen many eye doctors and such and they never mentioned this odd optic nerve deal so either they ignored it or its new.

anyways I have no idea why my eyesight is dropping so much and why my optic nerve is like this and if its not new maybe its the cause of my eyesight dropping? But they said I had no eye disease other then im miopic (cant see from far). so im very confused... can you have a optic nerve thats bent and out of shape and have nothing wrong? Im at higher risk for glaucoma I know this cause of the nerve AND optic nerve has collagen and my genetic condition is collagen related. so plan to get checked yearly. but im really confused is something wrong or not why is my eye site dropping are those 2 things related or not.everyone says my eye site drops due to my pc use but I doubt thats the only reason.
so I have a optic nerve that is "Weird" with no diagnoses. im very confused about it all.

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