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Pins And Needles! Please Help!!

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  • Posted By: queenie31
  • September 14, 2007
  • 11:29 PM

This all started on Feb 9th 2007 the day I had to put my dog of 15 years down the night before I was scared and stressed the day of I started feeling pins and needles all over my body including my face and head and this went on and off for about 4 months at this time I was stressed and depressed and had feelings of doom. Mid June I desided to destress my self that's when the pins and needles stopped for 2 months. It's now September stresses again and now the pins and needles are back this time in both hands and both feet and sometimes I may get a needle stick somewhere on my body. I've been back and forth with my doctor told her what I was going through I had blood work done everthing came back fine she said I was having anxiety's. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE ANXIETY'S TO YOU? IT'S GETTING TO THE PONIT WHRE I'M SO STRESSED OVER THIS NOW I'M STARTING TO GET HIVES!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!:confused:

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  • Dear Queenie31...I too had the pins and needles, mostly on my face. The doctors told me there was nothing wrong and I just had some anxiety issues. Anxiety is a symptom that something is out of balance...it is not a diagnosis. Tingling is also a symptom that something is out of balance. Please look into NAET/Bioset. Allergies manifest themselves as many different symptoms which I never knew. Anxiety and tingling are just two of them. I didn't think I was allergic to anything...boy, was I wrong... Since I've had my treatment, no more tingling for me. I had over 70 symptoms and they are now 90% reolved. Where do you live? I will help you find a practicioner if you'd like. Best regards, mommy cat
    mommy cat 1,654 Replies
    • September 15, 2007
    • 00:42 AM
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  • I had chest pains and pins and needles with numbness in my hands once. I was terrified I was having a heart attack. The chest pains turned out not to have a cardiac cause. It was diagnosed as probable acid reflux. The pins and needles the doctor explained to me is a very common symptom of hyperventilation from stress or fear. In my case, I was stressed by the unexplained chest pains and changed my breathing. He told me that is the most common cause of numbness and tingling in the hands seen in emergency rooms. Next time it happens, try taking shallow breaths. I was told deep breaths can make it worse. It can take awhile before the tingling stops, so just try to relax and remind yourself this is probably a natural stress response. Hives can also be caused by stress. They can be caused by allergies, too, as the other poster mentioned. My guess here is your doctor may be correct, and you are having really major episodes of anxiety. Have you discussed the possibility of trying a mild anti anxiety medication with your doctor? The doctor could give you a low starting dose and see if it helps you. If you are having anxiety that severe, there is no reason to suffer. Sustained anxiety isn't good for your general health.Your symptoms went away when you de-stressed, and you yourself have associated the two. Try to find ways to destress, and don't rule out medication. There is no shame in having anxiety and/or depression. It does not mean you are crazy. Many people have hard life situations that are stressful enough that being relaxed would be sort of unrealistic.
    BesideMyself 41 Replies
    • September 15, 2007
    • 07:48 AM
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  • Yes, but work force drug screens test for those type of "calming" medications and that could prevent job advancements or even acquiring jobs. Just a thought!SaS
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • September 15, 2007
    • 11:58 AM
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  • I, too, have been experiencing a pins & needles sensation over my entire body, usually first thing in the morning when I wake up. Once I get up it goes away. It's been happening for the last couple of years. My doctor has no idea what's causing it. She has referred me to a neurologist and he says there's nothing wrong. I would just like to know what's causing it. I don't believe that I'm experiencing any anxiety. Any ideas?
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  • hi,i have had all these 'symptoms' for about the past 4 to 6 months i guess. i also started suddenly with a twitching toe which has developed into twitching in both hands and feet, legs and arms and back. My doctor says it's stress but to make sure i am scheduled to attend a neurology clinic later this month.if you scroll through these posts you will see quite a few twitches and pins and needles people hang out here! i get it in my face and lips! i don't know if i have ms or something but i do know that these symptoms are all listed under anxiety on sites like 000046.com (see symptom page).Do yourself a favor though. don't google your symptoms. if you already have don't do it anymore. this is guarenteed to send you over the edge. many of us here can tesitify to this! if the symptoms persist into next week see your doctor and take it from there. meanwhile do lots of deep breathing and relaxation techniques, get some fresh air and exercise and try to keep occupied.
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  • I, too, have been having these symptoms. I ended up in the hospital twice because my internist thought i might be having a stroke. I wasn't. You should know i am not a doctor or anything close. I am bipolar, though, and do a lot of research on this to try to understand what is happening to me, as well as understand how all these drugs are affecting my brain.If you look for the terms PARAPHESIA and BIPOLAR together, you will find many sites that explain what the "pins and needles" feeling may be symptom of. The condition is called paraphesia regardless. The tough part is determining its cause. I have not talked to my doctor yet, but am terrified as it could be as a result of temporal lobe seizures (which bipolars are known to have), or other neurological damage. BUT it could be medications, diabetes, you should do your own research and rely on your good judgment to go from there.I would love to hear other people's experiences
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