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Constant Leg pain

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  • Posted By: Ragdoll
  • September 12, 2007
  • 07:46 PM

For a few weeks now i have been having constant leg aches. Its not a sharp pain, just an ache. Similar to how you would feel after exercise. I can no longer swim as it makes me worse.
At the same time i have a stomach ache that has been constant for the same time and i am constantly nauseous?
I am overweight but i always have been so its not a sudden weight gain.

Any ideas?

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  • Hi, I am not sure if you are still having the constant leg pain - I have posted here, but as with yours, I have received no replies.The 'constant' is what seems very similar to what I am having, but this has been on and off for almost 2 years now. Very difficult to explain when it occurs, almost like an inflammation of some sort deep inside the femur bones. Is your pain restricted to the whole leg or only thigh or calf area? I had a bladder infection (UTI) 2 yrs back, which brought on this pain, but one would think with the burst appendix I went through in 2006 and all the antibiotics and pain meds, this leg pain would have subsided, but it seems to be even more prominent now than ever. I would be interested to hear your outcome, where your leg pain is situated and if you have seen a specialist regarding the pain.Good Luck.
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    • October 5, 2007
    • 00:20 PM
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  • Hi I haven't had the pain for a while but i DID have a UTI a few weeks ago. I never thought it would be connected to it.The pain was in the entire leg and it would ache as soon as i woke up. I did see a doc weeks ago but he reckonned it had just over done it at swimming, (been swimming for a year....don't think i have overdone it)I don't have it at the mo but i am always coming down with something so i won't be surprised if it comes back
    Ragdoll 3 Replies
    • October 6, 2007
    • 06:28 PM
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  • ive had a constant bladder infection for the past 3 yrs. and recently i have been gettin leg pain n my left leg. mainly the thigh but has worked its way down a afew times. it feels like somebody is jus takin a knife n stabbin me n draggin it down my leg. drs jus give me antibiotics. n send me on my way. they never work.....
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  • I had a UTI when i was young (13 yrs old) and i used to constantly get this leg pain. I would know when i have an infection due to my leg pains. I am now 21 and for the past 7 years i have been clear of any UTI'S, However yesterday my leg began hurting and today it hurts when i pee, so i am pretty sure it is back!My doctor said he was not sure how the leg pain and the infection was connected but it definitely is because i could ell my infections in advance through my leg hurting!
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  • As someone diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I wonder whether your UTI's are not actually the sensitive bladder experienced by many of us. Personally I find this bladder sensitivity worse than a normal UTI but a supplement called prelief can help (reduces acidity in bladder) and sometimes a antihistimine like Piriton can help, when really bad (drinking fizzy drinks, fruit juices without drinking a certain amount of water makes it worse). Which brings me to the leg pain, obviously those of us with Fibromyalgia have widespread pain and fatigue; I suffer particularly badly with leg pain. I have extreme tender points which run down the side of both legs from hip to below my knee, they are so tender, the slightest knock can reduce me to tears. At the moment I've been suffering intermittent pains in my knees and aching / shooting pains in my quads (front thighs), it happens when I'm resting more than when I'm walking. Walking just makes my legs more tired and when I come to get up after resting, I feel like I'm a 80 yr old arthritic! Anyway, if you are experiencing multiple seemingly unrelated symptoms then look up Fibromyalgia, and see if anything fits.
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  • I have had UTI since I was a young child. Im 35 now. I had kidney surery when I was 5 and I get repeat UTI several times a year. I have noticed the last few years that when Im starting to get one. One of my legs or both start to ache. Strange I googled this and Im so glad its not just me with this strange leg pain. Does any one know why there is leg pain with a UTI?
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  • I have had UTI since I was a young child. Im 35 now. I had kidney surery when I was 5 and I get repeat UTI several times a year. I have noticed the last few years that when Im starting to get one. One of my legs or both start to ache. Strange I googled this and Im so glad its not just me with this strange leg pain. Does any one know why there is leg pain with a UTI?"Does any one know why there is leg pain with a UTI" = just open any acupuncture atlas picture and watch where's going the bladder and kidneys meridians. I hope you'll understand
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  • I am having the same sumptoms, u t i with leg pain down to my calf, a bit like sciatica. Am just starting a 5 day course of antibiotics hoping to see an improvement. I'm 31 yr old female and recently told I have kidney stones. But no infection, but that was 4 months ago.Phrase get back to me if you have improvement. am starting to worry I have something serious goin on. Thanks sarah x
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  • The Past 3 years I have had a Uti 24 times. 2 years ago my legs started to hurt. I try to explain to the doctors how bad the pain really gets, and they ask, do u do drugs? NO!!!!!!! I'm tired of being thought of as a drug addict someone please help! I have a beautiful family with 3 wonderful children & one step son. I'm a respectable women. Yet I can't get a doctor to listen or understand. They say the legs have nothing to do with any other symptoms.
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  • I have a UTI right now as I am typing this. I am very scared. I had intercourse 6 days ago (assuming this was the cause, it always has been) and went to the doctor on Monday (2 days ago) they put me on an antibiotic (Septra) and on pain meds. Which haven't helped yet. I feel that the infection is getting worse. I am bleeding when I urinate now and I've had the same exact leg pain around my knee cap area like I just ran three miles (I don't work out anymore, former water polo player) I've been looking up complications of UTI's and one of them is a life threatening disease which I have the symptoms to (low blood pressure, 99.1 fever, trouble concentrating, joint pains, being lightheaded, nausea, chills) I am wondering if these are NORMAL symptoms with a UTI? I'm extremely worried that it has progressed to something worse since I didn't catch it right after intercourse. I need answers!! I'm only 21. I've had two UTI's in the past, they have never been present with these symptoms
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  • Well ive been having leg pain almost like everyone. My pain is in my thigh and goes down to my ankle since 7-3-16 it is now 7-26-16 and though I was pregnant but just came back negative and was told it could be too early and I have a bladder infection. Could this be the reason of my leg pain? Could the bladder infection be hiding the pregnancy too? Cause I still feel like I am pregnant.
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  • One of the more unusual symptoms linked to genital herpes is nerve pain down the leg, usually left leg pain. Herpes nerve pain is under-recognized by doctors, but many people living with the virus report this unusual symptom. Herpes neuralgia and left leg pain is actually a common side effect.
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    • December 8, 2016
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  • I am currently worried about having a UTI ...and my right leg is driving me up the wall!!! I didn't have symptoms of a UTI, but rather Restless Genital syndrome. No pain during urination, or blood, but the constant uncomfortable feeling of undesired arousal in the clitoris. I figured it was related to restless leg syndrome as I do get this once in a blue moon. This went on for a month and then I noticed cloudiness when I urinated, and white discharge stains on underwear. So I thought maybe BV or yeast.... tested negative. I'm now 3 months pregnant and the first sign of UTI showed as pink on the tissue when I urinated. Now my right leg feels like a severe sprain the though the whole leg. I will find out with the urine sample I submitted if it is UTI and if antibiotic will help the leg pain
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    • January 28, 2017
    • 10:20 AM
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