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  • Posted By: daisy704
  • August 4, 2007
  • 05:56 AM

About the end of March I went to the doctor with the symptoms of light headedness, exhaustion, nauseousness and diarrhea. After making sure I wasn't pregnant, the doctor sent me for stool samples and blood tests. My something or other functions were slightly off, but he said that didn't concern him. He said my cholesterol was fairly high and I need to change my lifestyle habits because he felt I was to young to begin taking the pills to help reduce the cholesterol. Heart disease runs high in my family and so this was enough to put a scary thought into my head and I took him seriously. I admit I'm not the healthiest eater and not fit, but I was willing to do what I had to do to feel better. So right away I began reading labels and buying healthier food choices (I gave up my favourite dessert - ice cream) and going for walks when I could. Into the beginning of May I wasn't feeling any different (though I lost 15 pounds) I went back to the doctors and once again complained. He then thought that I needed to try a weak dose of wellbutrin for depression - to give me more energy he said. I thought "he's the doctor, he knows what hes talking about". So I tried it for a month and went back in for a check up. I felt no different - he doubled the dosage. A week and a half later I was back in his office because I felt as if I was drunk all the time, tripping and nearly falling over everything, couldn't walk straight, go to lean over and felt as if the room was moving. My doctor then switched me back to the lower dosage that I began with. This prescription was messed up (the doctor filled it out incorrectly), it took a week and a half to sort out, so I went without medication for this time. Then my headaches (which I usually only get one or two bad ones a month) began to come at least once a week. I begun to feel more tired, so I quit taking the wellbutrin without my doctors advice. By this time it was just a few weeks ago, and now I am so exhausted that the thought of spending the day with my son and husband doesn't even make me want to get out of bed. I sleep on average 7 to 9 hours most nights. I'm still constantly nauseous, and I do get hungry but the thought of food is unappealing. I usually end up eating, for if I don't I get gut wrenching pain and feel weak. My headaches have increased to 3 or 4 times a week. I usually have about 2 or 3 bouts of watery diarrhea a day, and sometimes there is mucus with it. I've had this diarrhea issue for a year and a half, but just got worse since christmas 2006 (I had my gall bladder out Sept 2006). I get lightheaded once in a while, but not as often as I did.

I am only a 24 year old female. My health is beginning to affect my work - I am a day care teacher, and my energy is at it's max. I'm worried that eventually I'm going to lose my job, for I've already called in sick too many times. I've got a family to help support and I feel as if I can't even do that. I also feel as if I'm leting my 16 mth old son down, for it seems my energy is spent everywhere else but on him, where it should be. I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired. PLEASE, is there anyone who can help me?

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  • Hi I completely understand what you been trough. I started to feel most of your sypmtoms about a year ago. tired going to my doctor and no answers.. I decide to travel to Tijuana Mexico a friend refereed me a good Dictor there. so I end up being diagnosed with bradycardia so that justify all my symptoms.. I don't mean you might have the same thing! I recomend you to go for a second opinion. my heart rate was so slow, and that is why I feel so fatigue. thanks God I finally got an answer .
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    • October 21, 2014
    • 04:46 AM
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