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Painful underarm lump, I hurt all over, nowhere to turn, please read!

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  • Posted By: AngieBaby77
  • July 24, 2007
  • 10:29 PM

Hello everyone. I am 29, female. Had a painful armpit lump which doc said was fibrocystic breast changes. Pain got worse even after my period recently ended so I went to ER today. ER doc says it is an infected lymph node. Started me on Zithromax. I took two pills today and I am to take one each day for four days after.

That was earlier yesterday. Since then, I feel even worse. I not only hurt under my armpit, but all over. My breasts and chest feel sore and achy in different places especially on the left where the lump is. My entire back aches. I feel achy and sore all over my body. I am fatigued. I even have indigestion.

I am scared that I have cancer, or some kind of dangerous lung infection, or kidney infection.

I even paged my doctor and he hasn't even called back. Because I am also being treated for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (with Celexa and Xanax), he treats me like a hypochondriac.

I am wondering if I have fibromyalgia. In a way, I hope I do because it is benign and could explain all my aches and pains.

I have been aching, hurting and crying all yesterday evening, not so much crying today. I don't have any family to accompany me to the hospital or doctor and basically I feel loney, scared and sore all over. I have a bad habit of imagining the worst case scenario.

I smoked cigs for 15 years (been cig free for 10 months) and I still smoke some herb sometimes. Therefore, of course lung issues concern me.


A few years ago I had a chest CT that revealed a benign calcified lung node on the left side.

Six months ago I had a chest Xray for bronchitis symptoms that didn't show anything concerning. However, in light of these new symptoms I am scared the swollen armpit node could be cancer related.

The node itself under the arm feels swollen and painful. My left chest area feels heavy. And I feel weak and achy. I am not coughing or running a fever. I have not been sick with a cold or flu lately.

I have been to the lake and also to a large community festival, so I could have been exposed to germs and ticks. I did find a small tick in my hair two days ago and there is a small bite mark on my neck. No rash according to doc. It came off easily when I scraped it with my fingernail and did not look engorged with blood. The doc said the symptoms are probably not Lyme disease because it would be too soon for them to manifest.

However, I just want to rule out serious causes if I can. My doctor told me to take the meds and call back after ten days if no improvement. I am scared to wait ten days because of my fear of the "C" word.

I need advice. Reassurance. What should I do? As you can see I am a very anxiety filled person. My husband is so sick of my whining and sickness that he cannot stand to be around me. I have nowhere to turn. The doctors have made it clear there is nothing they are going to do until I've finished my antibiotics. But I am still very worried.


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