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Fecal Odor

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 16, 2007
  • 00:54 AM

PLEASE HELP ME ... I smell like poo and am DESPERATE!!!!

I eliminate once before I take a hot shower in the morning. Right before I leave for work, I eliminate again and am forced to take another shower quickly in order to get to work on time. Mostly (unfortunately not all the time), it seems all is a-ok until after I eat my lunch. I've heard people make comments behind my back that I stink like "**s." I think I've come close a few times to people about to be mean and say something to me about my "odor" but when that happens, I avoid them and then they don't do it (thank goodness).

My regular doctor (looking at me with pathetic and sad eyes) told me to replace my intake of milk and milk products with soy milk and non-milk products and increase my intake of fiber (even though I was already adding 20-30 grams to my cereal in the morning). He's known for many years that I, at some point, had developed a lactose problem (can't mix cow milk and cow beef--bad diarrhea) over the years so I figured I'd try it. No difference. He then sent me to a Gastrointestinal Doc who performed a Colonoscopy and blood tests which showed only that I was a very healthy person with "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" (D). The Gastrointestinal Doc suggested I take probiotics (Flora-Q) and Imodium AD which I have been on almost a month ... aside from the fact that I can't sit through eating a small bowl of cereal in the morning before an onset of an instant urgency to eliminate, the Flora-Q and Imodium have also created nicely formed poo along with a very regular poo schedule ... other than that ... nothing. A few weeks ago, I added a good, strong women's multivitamin (GNC) ... nothing changed except now my pee is an electric neon yellow (kinda cool if nothing else).

I mentioned my "issue" to my Gynecologist (a female): She never heard of my problem, was visibly uncomfortable, and couldn't wait to get to her next patient suddenly after I brought it up. I thought that since she was "down there" that maybe she might have noticed something since I've been going to her for half my life (I'm about to turn 37--yippee for me). I also thought that maybe I could have been concentrating on the wrong "hole."

In addition to using toilet paper, I use "medicated" wipes with aloe and witch hazel if I have to poo at work (ugh). No matter how much TP or wipes I use, it seems I cannot get rid of this odor. I've been on medication for depression (among other things) but I feel like I'm losing my mind! People are so mean to me and make comments about the air smelling like **s and I hear comments behind my back that they think I don't know how to wipe myself. I really cannot, for the life of me, figure out why I haven't become one of those crazies who rip off their clothes and run down the block screaming and pulling out my hair.

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  • Sometimes there is a fissure between the vagina and rectum, connecting the two. Hope this helps.
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  • recto-vaginal fistula.
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  • Isn't there milk in your cereal? You need to eat something else. Study nutrition. Get checked for tapeworms. Eat nice smelling food. Maybe you eat too much meat. Also, carry around those handy wipeys that babies use. They come in a neat little pack like a hanky. That way, after each movement you can smell like the ocean or flowers, which would be nice.
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  • You should not just listen to one doctor or even two. You need to try different doctors until you find one that will listen, take you seriously and try to help you. I have been to many doctors who were useless. It's better to ask people if they know a good doctor, if not, try by trial and error. I have had IBS and tried several doctors who never helped. Finally a doctor told me to try klonopin which slowed my stomach spasms down and it works. Different things work for diiferent people. Try differnt doctors till u find one who will help
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  • checked bromhidrosis?
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  • I would get a new "groinycologist" (an Archie Bunkerism") if this one was squeamish. I can't imagine why she would be though, as she's seen some pretty bizarre things down there. Look up recto-vaginal fistula and see what you think. Sorry to repeat.
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  • The problem with going to different doctors is that if you have an HMO, you cannot go from one doctor to another without changing everthing with insurance company.
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  • I had a friend who had similar symptoms, and the doctors diagnosed it as "Dumping Syndrome" - especially with the sudden urge right after you eat, I would ask your doctor about it. They prescribed 10 different antibiotics all at the same time and after the high dosages of anitbiotic, the symptoms went away. Just another thing to ask about since it sounds somewhat the same.
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  • I was diagnosis with irritable bowel syndrome in 1999.So I understand some of the things you're going through. I recommend you take a hot bubble bath with pure essential oils it will help soak in your skin, leave your skin smelling fresh also try a small amount of bleach in your bath water.Try to eliminate having a bowel movement throughout the morning time, refrain from eating fiber, milk and fruit products.make sure you carry some wipes with you and famine spray. I wish you luck!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 20, 2008
    • 08:55 PM
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  • bami12, which oils do you use? I am so embarrased to use the toilet if I am visiting a friend -- seems like the odor lingers forever.:mad: Thanks!
    jellybean3009 3 Replies
    • October 22, 2008
    • 04:04 AM
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  • Hi I am in the same situation. Its ruined my life its coming from your stomach through your mouth its not your skin. Like yourself I was showering 2 to 3 times a day so cannot possibly be hygiene issues. Constantly brushed flossed my teeth cleaned my tounge its a nightmare.
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • November 14, 2014
    • 06:40 PM
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