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Are You Having Any Of These Symptoms?

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  • Posted By: mommy cat
  • July 14, 2007
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profound cognitive dysfunctions (and other neurological disturbances), muscle weakness (or paralysis), burning eye pain, subnormal temperature or low-grade fever, sore throat or painful lymph nodes (and/or other signs of inappropriate immune system activation), faintness or vertigo, loss of co-ordination, dyspnea, an explosion of sensory phenomena, cardiac and/or blood pressure disturbances, facial pallor and/or a slack facial expression, widespread severe pain, nausea or feeling as if ‘poisoned,’ feeling cold and shivering one minute and hot and sweating the next, anxiety or even terror (as an organic part of the attack itself rather than as a reaction to it) and hypoglycaemia. Often the patient will feel an urgent need to retreat from all homeostatic pressures. The types of symptoms triggered vary widely from patient to patient, but some combination of these is common. There may also be an accompanying exacerbation of other symptoms.

The other symptoms are located in the next post.

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  • Sore throat, chills, sweats, low body temperature, low grade fever, lymphadenopathy, muscle weakness (or paralysis), muscle pain, muscle twitches or spasms, gelling of the joints, hypoglycaemia, hair loss, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, chest pain, cardiac arrhythmia, resting tachycardia, orthostatic tachycardia, orthostatic fainting or faintness, circulatory problems, opthalmoplegia, eye pain, photophobia, blurred vision, wavy visual field, and other visual and neurological disturbances, hyperacuity, tinnitus, alcohol intolerance, gastrointestinal and digestive disturbances, allergies and sensitivities to many previously well-tolerated foods, drug sensitivities, stroke-like episodes, nystagmus, difficulty swallowing, weight changes, paresthesias, polyneuropathy, proprioception difficulties, myoclonus, temporal lobe and other types of seizures, an inability to maintain consciousness for more than short periods at a time, confusion, disorientation, spatial disorientation, disequilibrium, breathing difficulties, emotional lability, sleep disorders; sleep paralysis, fragmented sleep, difficulty initiating sleep, lack of deep-stage sleep and/or a disrupted circadian rhythm. Neurocognitive dysfunction may include cognitive, motor and perceptual disturbances. Cognitive dysfunction may be pronounced and may include; difficulty or an inability to speak (or understand speech), difficulty or an inability to read or write or to do basic mathematics, difficulty with simultaneous processing, poor concentration, difficulty with sequencing and problems with memory including; difficulty making new memories, difficulty recalling formed memories and difficulties with visual and verbal recall (eg. facial agnosia). There is often a marked loss in verbal and performance intelligence quotient (IQ).
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  • If you are having many seemingly unrelated symptoms that seem to follow no pattern and come and go as they please, then please read the thread listed below. It is located here in the "I cannot get a diagnosis forum" "Want Answers, Read Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" is a good place to start. If your symptoms fit, know that you are not alone. There are countless in this forum having these symptoms to one degree or another.It affects every person differently so that is where alot of the confusion comes in. One may have 7 symptoms or 70 symptoms and still have a mycoplasma related illness.In my research with all of these symptoms and diseases, it seems that "All roads lead to Rome"...so to speak....actually, to mycoplasma. Here's hoping all of this information helps.....cheers!...mommy cat:)
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  • Everyday I visit this board and am overwhelmed with the amount of new posters. I'm glad the information I have provided is helping some of you. Wishing you all health, happiness and peace...mommy cat
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  • If you are having any of the symptoms listed in this thread, find local NAET/Bioset therapy. It is non-invasive and it works. I am not the only person advocating this...because it works. Best of luck to all of you...mommy cat
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    • August 26, 2007
    • 06:55 PM
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