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kidney pain = depression

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  • June 25, 2007
  • 02:40 PM

hello this is my first time on here. ive been seeing so many doctors that i just desided it was cheaper and i got more answers being my own doctor and that led me here. and wow i must say that i didnt know that there were this many people with the same problems and the same answer.....nothing is wrong here swollow these pills. ha god bless america on that one. all my problems started about 3 years ago. i went to the hospital with shart severe pains to my back right side. they took 2 xrays that i never did get to see and about 6 hours of waiting i was told i had over 30 kindey stones. they gave me a doctors note for work, 20 viccodine and sent me on my way. after that i did my best on trying to find a way to treat these stones. and let me add that the hospital i went to is very very bad and have no care for the patients at all and on top of that when you finally get the bill you have no idea how the bill is over $4,000. i kept calling the hospital to see if there was a doctor i could talk to about these stones. i have never had them before and had no idea what to do. but to my suprise no one would even tell me where to go no names to any doctors and not even a phone number. none the less when your ******g blood and in that much pain 20 viccodine dont last that long. after that i was rushed to the er many many times after that for the same pain and no one did anything just acted like everything was fine. no meds for pain and no meds for infection, nothing they said they couldnt give it to me. i also went to my family doctor on a regular basis as well for the same pain and still the same thing, nothing. she gave me 10 viccodine and nothing for infection or anything, and after that she also said she couldnt give me anything. months passed and the same pain had not gone away and still no stones. but yet i was still being told i had kidney stones but i couldnt recieve anything for pain or anything incase of infection. i started to wonder if the hospital made the whole thing up just to get money. i final went to another hospital hoping that they would be able to help me. they took x-rays and also told me they thought i had kidney stones but the same thing with no meds they didnt give me anything as if i was lying to them or something like the blood in my pee was fake. haha. they sent me to a urologist who did blood work and other tests but still nothing. finally the doctor told me i had one very very small stone but i shouldnt hurt. well it did and no one believed me i was just crying 7 days a week for the fun of it. the urologist wanted me to get a camera up my pee hole so i did. she thought i might have cancer. so i went in for the op. and she did her thing. she found nothing wrong and told me to call her in 3 months then proceeded to walk out the door. what ind of doctor just leaves there patiens in pain for another 3 months i dont get this. i went back to my family doctor where they told me they couldnt give me any meds because they didnt know what was wrong. by this time my side pain was severe EVERYDAY and i started to have hearing loss. they gave me stuff for my ears that didnt work and some pills for my stomach telling me the pain in my side is nerves from my stomach. none of it helped. i visited my doctor about 4 more times after that and everytime they were telling me it was my stomach. the last time i went they gave me 2 huge bottles of laxative and told me to take it every night. i was only 105 pounds to begin with and why they would want me to do that i have no idea. after a week of taking the lax and the pounds that i lost i stopped. and back to the doctors i went. this time she told me it was divaticiar disease and i went on a special diet and alot of high fiber just to find out 2 weeks later at the er that i didnt have it and she should have never told me that i did. but this time they told me there was something wierd with my white blood count but left it at that. so i found a stomach doctor to try and figure out if it was even my stomach. that doctor put me on meds for heart burn i didnt know why i have never had heart burn in my life but he insisted that i keep taking these pills. i week after taking these things i started to get heart burn. severe heart burn to go along with my severe side pain. i called to see if can stop taking them because it make me feel worse but they said no actually they were screaming at me that i needed to take them so i tryed. but after having heart burn attacks to the point where it felt like i was about to pass out poo and pee my pants at the same time i stopped taking them and the heart burn went away.i made and appointment to get a camera down my throat because the doctor said i needed it. what all this has to do with the pain in my side i have no idea. well the results came back ok like i new they would. and he wanted to put the camera up my end.. you know the exit of your body. i asked him what this would tell me about the pain in my side and he told me i was going to the wrong doctor. haha what a run around. its like well doc i dont know what wrong so you take her and then that doc says the same thing and passes me on. im at the 3 year mark with this pain in my side and its not going away there is a hole list of symptoms i have but its like the doctors only pick out the ones they want and dont listen to all of them. i need help . i try to keep my head up because of all this but sometimes its hard. i also am suffering from depression and all this isnt helping with that. i dont want to hurt anymore i dont want to cry anymore. i am afraid i am going to lose my job again and if that happens im done i dont know. i just dont know. please help me anyone. please god help.:(

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