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degenerative joint disease in spine

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  • Posted By: lintek
  • June 11, 2007
  • 10:53 AM

does anyone know what is the best prescribed medication to take for this very painful condition?

I havent' had a total follow up once we found out i had it in my spine.
I had been complaining to my dr for quite some time and finally he did an xray.
the radiologist is suggesting an MRI but my insurance co. at the time refused to pay for it until I went to physical therapy first.
the copays were too much for me to handle which was $50 a session, 3x's a week at six weeks. I wasn't making enough money to pay for them. so I couldn't go
I only made it to the evaluation session.
I don't know the extent of the damage yet and will find out more hopefully now that I will be getting new insurance because of a new job.
I wake up in pain, I sleep in pain and I can barely stand on lines.
I"m 46 and scared it will get worst.
it's already up into my neck where it feels on days that my neck will get stuck in place just by turning my head a slight way.
my mother had a terrible deforming form of arthritis that wasn't the type I have. she never went to the dr and suffered and not until she fell down and broke her hip which wound her in a wheel chair till the end of her life did i find out the day she fell that the dr said she had some form of something.
he was almost angry at us for not treating it.
she was our mom and a stubborn one at that. we couldnt' get her to go to see a dr. she suffered silently instead. so to this day, I still dont' know what exactly she had.
when I went for my bone density test last yr they also found out I have osteoporosis in my spine and hip as well. the same year I found out about the arthritis.
we didn't do the wrists. this is when the technician asked me if there was any bone disease in the family and I told her alittle about my moms history. she urged me to find out for my own benefit and said it was important to know.
now with all the hippa laws and stuff, there's no way the dr will give me that information If i were to call the office. they probably got rid of her chart anyway. after a certain amount of years, they either move or destroy the charts.
that was like 8 yrs ago when she broke her hip and it's going on 3 yrs since she died of a stroke.
I don't forsee how excersise can stop the pain. if anything, excersise makes it worst for me.
does anyone have any suggestion on how to relieve this pain?
besides just over the counter stuff?
I am anxious to find out the severity of it and if there's more damage than the xray had seen. it sure feels like it.
the intense pain at night disturbs my sleep and it's almost intolerable to turn over in bed. weight issue is not a problem in my case. I"m losing weight and can't afford to. I"m down to 115 lbs and still going down further.
I don't know if it's related to my stressfull job I just started six weeks ago.

it seems I have a host of symtoms and no answers yet.

I just want to feel normal again and it's been so long that I'm pain free.

my dr gave me some type of anti imflamatory but doesn't seem to be doing the job. when I do go back to him after a very long year of no insurance, which becomes effective this coming sept. I am going to ask for a specfic medication if anyone here can suggest one that worked for them.

any suggestions folks?


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