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my head tingles - what is it?

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  • Posted By: sickinthehead
  • May 18, 2007
  • 08:21 PM

It's on the right side of my head and for the last 3 days I've had waves of tingling, almost like you'd feel if you suddenly got a chill in your head - like a breeze or rush of cold air. It lasts for maybe 10 seconds, then fades and then maybe a a half hour later, it returns. Other times it's back within 5 minutes.

I can only think of two rational things for this: 1. I slept with the fan blowing toward me Tuesday night (it's Friday) and that gave me a chill in the head/ ear canal or

2. It's some sort of menopausal/hormonal thing (just got my period). I'm 47 and in deep perimenopause.

It's annoying me. There's no numbness or anything else associated with this - except some pain in my shoulders and back but I always have that.

Can anyone help me figure this out?:eek:

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6 Replies:

  • Dear sickinthehead please read last 5 pgs of "It's a mystry until we solve it"--mommy cat many are having strange symptoms tingling is just one of them Be Well...mommy cat:)
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  • This happens to me sometimes too, but I only seem to get one every couple of months. It only came after I started having panic attacks, so I just linked it to that. No idea.
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  • Please read last 5 pages of It's a mystery until we solve it--mommy cat symptoms come and go...tingling is one many have odd complaints...we are just figuring out that countless are having similar/same symptoms...I am just one I am a nurse and noticed a pattern of symptoms when I went looking for someone who might have info on my illness...MANY have my sx some have 1 sx...some have many I'm here...mommy cat:)
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  • P.S. I have recently suffered panic attacks as well...never had them my whole life...many complain of this too it is a symptom...as well as many others:(
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  • Thanks all for your replies. Funny you should say panic attacks: two weeks ago I had to go to Florida for a big whoop dee doo wedding weekend and because of my hypoglycemia and perimenopause combined, which causes a lot of problems with blood sugar - I was very nervous about having a blood sugar episode on the plane ... at the wedding ... at the reception ...the entire week I had a severe tension headache - have you ever had this? It pounds for like a minute, then goes away and I feel great, then the pounding returns - on and off, on and off for a week - first in anticipation of the event and then at the event. I had the pounding until the plane landed back in Jersey and then I was fine. and then the head tingling started - I wonder if it isn't some sort of residual effect; some sort of aftermath. Or it could be hormonal - it did start with my period and now that that's waning, the tingling seems to be waning as well.Best not to dwell on it anymore.... BTW: today, still getting tingling tho not as severe as last week.
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  • migraines...tinging both common threads with many suffering this I get them, migraines...weird feelings, tingling...neurological stuff look into it, K?...mommy cat:)
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