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Extreme fatigue, short of breath, light headed to almost passing out PLEASE HELP!

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  • Posted By: fatigueisme
  • May 14, 2007
  • 08:31 AM

Basically the title is the basic (if you can call them that) symptoms that I have been having. I am a 22 professional male and consider myself healthy... I look perfectly fine on the outside as well. I am aprox 6ft 200lb...

Someone please help me on this I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry for the long read

This has been going on for some time now and started about 2 years ago.

2 years ago I was at working and nothing was out of the ordinary. All the sudden I got light headed and was what I thought on the verge of passing out. I got almost euphoric and could barely talk sorta. By the way euphoric is really the only way I can explain it... basically like being not in control and like I am in a daze as if i got 1 hour of sleep and was almost drunk... it was really wierd and I have a hard time explaining it. Then I walked outside to get some air... started throwing up (mostly dry heaving). I ended up going home from work and sleeping for about 6 hours because I could not really function and was on a panicy side. I got 8 hours of sleep that night is the wierd thing. Thought nothing of it and when I woke up was fine and continued to do my thing.

That continued to happen with the dazed state lasting different times most of the time. Anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

When it subsides I am beyond tired and worn out and exhausted... its like a ran 5 miles on 4 hours of sleep I suppose.

I went to the ER multiple times because in my mind I thought of it to be that bad... It seriously fdeels like I am out of control in the sense that I think I am fading away... I get extrememly light headed to where I think I am going to pass out... the vomiting aspect has subsided now though and I have not had one of these spells in some time now though.

Now though about 5 months ago some new symptoms have come to light and the light headed has for the most part subsided except for a few occasional not that bad episodes...

At this point I am so exhausted I can barely function at work and am EXTREMELY fatigued. I get a healthy ammt of sleep but NEVER feel rested any more... It is VERY frustrating. The whole day I go on like I have had 1 hour of sleep no matter how much I get... I feel like this the entire day and he urge to want to sleep is always there... I am MISERABLE all day long and dont know what to do I have done everything I can think of and researched countless hours in search of something that mimics my symptoms but cannot really find anything that matches all of them and my DR doesnt know what to do either I dont think.

This is my main symptom along with the explained next one. Its exhaustion so bad I cannot function sometimes or can but need a brake during the day to collect... sometimes I go out to my car at work and take a nap instead of lunch time. I no longer want to go out and do anything any more either... Now that is saying something for the lifestyle I have and all the friends I have that would like to go out and do things... I just dont want to do anything any more and my loving g/f of 3 years is very frustrated as well but for the most part understanding which is I think the only thing keeping me going...

Also I gotta add the other symptom that is appearing is short of breath. Almost to the point that one night I almost went to the ER because I thought I was going to stop breathing... It is extremely scary when you cant breath and the dr doesnt have an explanation for it... It happens out of the blue and I cant predict when it is going to happen it just does throughout the day then somewhat goes away completely but then will show up again with a vengance for no reason.

The shortness of breath symptom is starting to get more frequent as well...

Also I have irritable bowel quite a bit, Found a large ammt of blood in stool but only once and slight blood sometimes but nothing too bad I suppose, weak, sometimes have abdominal pain in my lower left hand side... that is infrequent however, I did have some what we thought was ringworm spots on both arms but they went away on there own without anything - seemed a little wierd, and most of the time when I am short of breath I get bloated... sometimes I get bloated without the shortness of breath as well.

Also a really wierd thing is if I have a shot or two of alcohol I feel ALOT better... its really wierd but thought worth mentioning because I dont know if it corrolates with anything.

My DR has also prescribed me Provigil which does not seam to help all that much just makes the shortness of breath worse once the drug is wearing off it seams... but I have a hard time differentiating considering I get short of breath anyways

I must note
I have had a heart ultrasound, brain scan (also with dye), halter monitor worn, multiple blood workups done, anemia test, chest x-ray, ekg,eeg,ecg and not sure what else I am leaving out... could probably answer it thought if i was asked...

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP. THANK YOU GUYS for reading all this I really do appreciate it and will check back often to answer anyones questions.



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