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Lower back pain and upper thigh ache/tingling/burning

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  • Posted By: albertarose
  • April 26, 2007
  • 07:45 PM

It has been about 11 weeks now that I have had this pain. Went to my general practitioner 2 weeks after it started. She had me tested for Lyme disease again (I was diagnosed 9/06) The bllodwork came back negative. Sed rate bloodwork all came back normal too. Was sent to an infectious disease specialist and he too said no Lyme disease. I sure hope it isn't Lyme disease but I am not so sure why he dismissed that so quickly. He said maybe a herniated disc and prescribed an MRI...which was denied by my insurance company (which infuriates me, but that is another story). They said I have to try ice, heat, NSAIDS and physical therapy for 6-8 weeks before they will allow an MRI. Have tried the first three with no luck. May be trying the PT after I am back from vacation in a couple weeks. I just don't know where to go from here. I have become very depressed because I just don't know what is wrong...and I am fearing that it could be something serious. I am thinking that on the positive side I do seem to feel better in the morning. And if I am sitting or standing for long periods of time the symptoms are worse. Funny thing is, I hiked for 3 hours the other day and walked for over an hour the day before that and felt quite good (not back aching or tingling).

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any thoughts you may have on this.

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  • Still hoping for some replies to my post? Thank you...
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  • did you injure your back at some point? tingling, burning...could be nerves or muscles...good luck...mommy cat
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  • Not that I can recall did I injure my back. I did lift a 40 pound bag of dog food and then felt the discomfort the day after and most days since then. The only thing is I thought I had felt twinges of discomfort before I did that.If it is something as "simple" as a back issue I can deal with that. I am just more concerned with it being a serious disease. Neither doctor has alluded to that but from some of the things I have read I guess it could be anything.Thanks for your reply, MC.
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  • Hi, Have any luck finding out the problem? I have the same problem as well. It started just last week.
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  • Most likely Sciatica; please checkout link below.http://www.back.com/symptoms-sciatica.html
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  • I am having this same pain as we speak. It started 3 days ago. What did the doctor do for you? If anything?
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  • Well, I've had pain that radiates down the back of my leg and inner thigh pain for about 5 months. This all started a couple of weeks after I had a partial hysterectomy. For some reason she decided to cut me instead of using the laser. I have had numerous CT's and I know I make biweekly visits to the ER for ultrasounds of my legs, which has been costly. It's a blessing because they say I don't have a DVT. The pain is still there sometime accompanied with heat. Also, my lower back hurts and the only thing that relieves it temporarily is a hot shower. I've seen a neurologist who performed a needle test on my legs, orthopedic surgeon, who sent me to PT and it hasn't worked. I'm so tired of hurting but I'm optimistic that when I find the source the pain will stop. No one seems to have a solution. I've expended so much money but right now I'm more concerned with finding out what's going on with my body. I've never had this before. Any suggestions?
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  • My similar symptoms: tingling front of left thigh (for years now) and more recently low back pain when standing for any length of time, or lifting heavy things, becoming nearly incapacitating a year ago, has been diagnosed between pain management dr and chiropractor, x-rays and mri as degenerative disc disease along with compression of the sciatic nerve. The vertebrae involved in the lumbar area are also developing spurs; the discs are slightly protruding, all causing pressure on the sciatic nerve and that is causing the pain. I went through 9 weeks of non-surgical spinal decompression, expensive but it did change my life (keeping fingers crossed) although I do need to use some anti-inflammatory and/or narcotic (Norco, vicodin) several times a week, and use ice on my back frequently. I can function relatively pain-free compared to a year ago but it has been a struggle. Especially lately with a new knee problem that everyone is dismissing, as it progresses, much as the back/thigh problems were dismissed early on...so on with the next battle....Like you experienced, too, standing or walking very slowly is worse than walking briskly. Makes shopping for groceries much less anything else just hardly worth the effort.I hope this helps.
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