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Elevated Inflammation Markers. What's wrong?

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  • Posted By: Mrs_Potato
  • April 12, 2007
  • 00:43 AM

This all started aprox. a year ago. I had a low back pain, relieved by a bowel movement. Doc ordered an abdominal scan and colonoscopy. The scan came back "normal" with the exception of "cortical tissue loss of right kidney" (which did not seem to be alerting) but it did catch a lesion on my lower lung.

From that I had a lung cat scan. 3 lesions. The scans have been repeated every 3 months w no change in size so pulmonolgist felt it may be lesions from a bronchitis when young. However, I now started having abnormal blood test results. Such as :

low hemoglobin (slight anemia)...I now take iron vitamins.
CRP level escalating. (They are now at 59.0 Norm is less than 3)
ESR level escalating. (46)
ACE test elevated at (17)

and my doctor (s) cannot seem to find what is wrong. :confused: My wbc is normal, I had tests for lupus...normal...I've had lyme disease tests, parvovirus tests, rheumatoid arthritis tests, immune disorder tests ...all normal. However, my inflammation markers (ESR / CRP) are getting higher each time. My bones ache, I'm tired...all the time, my skin hurts when depressed in areas so I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I'm not sure I "go with that theory" as I sometimes think they tag that when they don't know what else to diagnose?

However, the CRP and ESR is still unknown as to why. My doc said it is one of three reasons 1) an immune disorder (ruled out) 2) an infection (pretty much ruled out with normal white count 3) a malignancy

Thus, I am now worried that something is growing and malignant and they cannot find it??? I am having a pap this week. (It's the only "area" I havent researched and I am 3 years overdue :( I had a mamogram and only a fluid cyst was found and they said it was nothing to worry over. I am overweight...so I am not losing weight...even though I eat very little. (I had the stomach banding 5 years ago. No success. Lost 60 lbs and gained it back when I went back to solid foods.) :( I eat aprox 1300 calories a day total. My other labs were all normal. Cholesterol, liver functions, cardiac enzymes. All normal.

Any thoughts????? I am also going to a new pulmonologist for a second opinion on those "3" lesions at the end of the month. OH...and the strangest thing of all. The TOP of my RT foot hurts every single night when I go to bed. Not during the day. Only when I lay down. Anytime when I lay down. I had an xray of my foot AND a cat scan and both showed normal...so why on earth is it so painful? And it's on the top of my foot towards the right side of my right foot. Sometimes I think it is a vein in my foot that hurts? No swollen area's. No redness. Just pain. I would think pain would show something on the cat scan??? HELP!:eek:

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