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  • Posted By: anjel75
  • April 2, 2007
  • 06:34 PM

I am looking for some answers myself. This is my story. I am just looking for somebody to tell me what is going on! I go to a spine surgeon now and he is just going to refer me to Pain Management. I think something else could be done. I think that he thinks I don't have a autotomical problem and I think i do! My PT thinks so as well but my doc will not hear anyones opinion due to him being the only one who knows anything. You know the type! Problem= workers comp and cannot change docs. I haven't missed work due to this and I am not asking for disablilty. I just want the problem fixed!
I know you arent a dr. and I will not take what you say like you are. I just want your opinion. I was diagnosed with DDD and Facet Syndrome in June of last year after having my second child. My back was hurting so badly in the last few months, but you know I thought well, everyones back hurts. Don't be a wuss. In August, I fell at work. I do medical records and I was in the rolling charts and had my weight leaned up against one side. My partner, unknowingly, rolled the shelf that I was leaning on. I fell back on my bottom. This made things a lot worse. After an MRI, I was told I had two bulging discs one of which is torn. I think the tear is old. I herniated a disc in 1998 and I think that is what they were seeing because I still have issues with it. The gel-like stuff in the middle will squish out and touch the nerves. When that happens, my back goes into a complete spasm. However, the MRI also revealed that even though they were bulging, they weren't touching a nerve. So, all that being said, I still have tingly, numbing pain that goes down my right leg. What would justify the pain and the numbness and tingling that is so bad I have to take pain meds and Lyrica? Thank you very much in advance!

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  • I am living your life--I am finally off of the lyrica because of a good pain management doc. They ended up doing 3 epidural steroid injections. You see even if the extruded matter is no longer touching the nerve it may have damaged the nerve resulting in the sciatic-type nubness/pain. There are a number of different therapies so give the pain management doc a shot and good luck. Sometimes it can get better. I still hurt, but not like I did and I should be back to work on the ambulance in just a couple weeks (something my OJI doc said would never happen). ;) DON"T GIVE UP!!!!
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  • Did the Mri show any bone spurs?? Is the dr sure there wasn't a tiny shift in the spine??? Thats what usually causes the Facet joint issues. The epidurals can work for a long time. A good pain management dr can work wonders!! I had to have 18 nerves cauterized in my back as a last resort, and have been nearly pain free for 4 yrs. I say nearly because other things are still going on, with ddd, spinal stenosis, and spondy. Has the dr suggested thingks like gel pads in your shoes, loose the weight in your purse, don't sit for long periods, use a donut , keep your hips higher than your knees, avoid bending with your back, and lifting . Theres a great site called spineuniverse that has lots of good info. Hope you feel better soon.
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