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sweat smells of cat pee, then later ammonia

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  • Posted By: michaelmas
  • March 23, 2007
  • 07:29 PM

I am 33 and abused my body 13 years ago by regularly taking ecstasy (every weekend average 10 tabs for 2 years). I had serious issues with my self-confidence and the drugs made me feel sociable. I stopped taking the class-A drugs and was clean for about five years, but then got into weight training. I thought that if I developed the 'perfect' body people would want me, sad I know. I used sustanon for 2 courses, and dianabol for three courses (a course was 6 weeks). In the weeks when I was not using steroids I took creatine at 5gm a day, which was preceeded by a loading phase of 25gm per day. In order to benefit from the steroids I followed the advice I was given which was to take 250gms of protein in shakes a day. I noticed after several of months of this that my sweat stank of urine, and was really offensive. The advice I was given was drink more water, which I did. After I had been using the protein and steroids for about a year I gave it all up and was increasingly concerned about the smell of my sweat. I did a detox and drank 3 litres of water a day and ate a very healthy diet. The smell eventually subsided by about 50% and I then just changed my clothes regularly to avoid stinking. A year ago I decided that something was wrong and went to see my GP. I told her about my sweat smelling of cat pee, and later ammonia and she looked mystified and sent a letter to a skin specialist asking for an appointment for me - which I didn't go to. In the mean time I did some research on the net and was alarmed at what I read I.e my syptoms could be indicative of liver or kidney disease. I returned to my GP and it was a locum, I told him the full story of my drug abuse, steroids and protein, and he sent me for blood tests. I then saw my Gp for the results which she announced as 'plumb normal'. I told her again about my smelly sweat and she said 'I can assure you that if you had something wrong with your kidneys you would be in a bad way and would know about it'. I developed a way of removing the smell which was to take several saunas a week. If I don't sauna for a week or so the stench returns. I really don't not know what to do as my GP insists that I am ok. I don't know if this is means anything, but I have dark circles under my eyes and they have been there for years irrespective of how much sleep I get. I recently read that foaming urine can also indicate illness, and my urine does foam especially first thing in the morning when I wake up, but it does not foam all the time. Can anyone please offer me advice on what I should do? I am concerned, and felt like a hypochondriac when my GP was unconcerned about my smelly sweat. I don't have any health issues that I am aware of and am desperate to get rid of the smell as it is anti-social. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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