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My 8 yr old has been sick for 3 weeks

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 16, 2007
  • 03:16 AM

Please can anyone help? My 8 yr old son has been sick for 3 weeks now. At first the diagnosis was strep throat, which has since cleared up. However, he continues to run a constant low grade fever, is very fatigued and sleeping a lot more than usual, he has swollen glands in his neck, his tonsils are still red, swollen and have white patches, he is losing weight, and having headaches. He tested negative for mono and the dr. ran some more blood tests yesterday that will not be back for one week. In the meantime he is on steroids to help reduce swelling of the tonsils. Does anyone else know what I can do for my little guy? Should I get a second opinion or simply wait for the test results?

Cany anyone help PLEASE?!?!?! I am beginning to go crazy with worry!

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  • ok,first i know how worried you must be,but you have to remain focused on getting your little one better.AND take time for you.easy for me to say right?!ok the white patches in the throat are infection.no doubt about it.if you are at all in the slightest worried GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM ASAP.dont care if they give you the "your wasting our time"look,this is your baby,you know him best,you have to trust your gut when it comes to your kids because it doesnt lie.i would insist on every test they can do.three weeks is too long for a little one to be ill.you are mum he is baby you know whats normal with him they dont.he could possibly be aneamic and dehydrated,so i would push fluids as much as you can,even if its coke get him to drink,drink,drink and moniter how much urine he passes,buy a urine bottle and measure it if need be.keep a record of every temp recording,write down everything,his pulse his temp his fluid intake and urine output and when he moves his bowels,note every dizzy spell what time it happened how long it lasted etc.then when you go you have specific information for them,it helps them to know what to look for.ok another thinghe hasnt had acsess to any cleaning products or medication that could have been ingested has he?im just trying to rule things out.please let me know how you get on,and please do go to the e/r.if only for peace of mind.dont forget to take time for you,once he is asleep,have a long bubble bath read a book listen to some music,or paint your nails,you need to be in good health to help your boy,keep your stress levels down,as i said i know you are worried but remain focused.good luck rebeca xx(mum of 3(my own)and 4 foster children)and trainee midwife
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  • Thank you so much for your reply! I'm the original poster, I registered after I posted the question. He hasn't had any access to any cleaning supplies or medicine (except for what the dr. has prescribed). All of my cleaning supplies are put away from my boys. That is a wonderful idea to keep a record of his temp and when, I will start doing that right now! They are currently running blood work that wont be back for a week. The worst thing that they are looking for is lymphoma. That word in the same sentence with my sons name is absolutely terrifying! Last night his fever went up to 100.9 and I asked him where he felt bad at and he replied "my brain is hot and my brain has a headache", so I thought that maybe he has a headache, but he said "no my head doesn't hurt, my brain is hot and has a headache but not my head". Unfortunately my wonderful insurance company will not allow us to go to the E.R. during normal business hours when the dr is in the office unless it is a life threatening emergency, oh and they pretty much determine that for us. He is up this morning with a normal temp of 98.9, which is the way it usually goes. As the day goes on his temp will gradually rise. He usually feels a little better in the morning and he will tire out as the day goes on. The doctor tested for strep on Wednesday and he was finally negative for that and doesn't want to give him any more anitbiotics until she has a definate diagnosis, as she is thinking that this is viral. Right now I am just scared and the waiting for test results until next week is horrible. I guess when his fever goes back up today I will take him back to the doctor. Again, thank you so much for your reply it is truly appreciated! As a mother I'm sure you know how horrible it is when they are sick and you can't fix it. I will definately keep you posted on the outcome.Thanks again,momof2sweetboys
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  • I recommend geeting some blood tests done. It might be something serious.
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  • Take him to the hospital! I cannot believe someone would let their child stay sick for 3 weeks without getting medical treatment. DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!
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  • Take him to the hospital! I cannot believe someone would let their child stay sick for 3 weeks without getting medical treatment. DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!! -you clearly haven't been reading these posts! She HAS been getting medical treatment. This was very insensitive:( What is his bedroom like? Does he have trouble sleeping? The fevers/headaches seem worse at night - could there be some kind of toxicity in his room - just a thought. Also, allergies can cause some of these symptoms. Does he eat a lot of dairy, soy, wheat products? How are his bowel movements? Does he sneeze and have a runny nasal discharge? I would research food intolerances and/or allergies. A food elimination diet may be very helpful. Docs aren't taught much about nutrition and food allergies, so they may not be looking into that. A bland diet of rice porridge may be helpful. I understand you must be very upset, and certainly if his fever spikes up high you should immediately get to the ER. I hope the blood tests come back with some info that points you in the right direction. Please keep us posted. Best wishesDOM
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  • UPDATE: We FINALLY got the test results back today. The doctor said that he definately has a pretty severe case of Mono and also has some of the strep infection in his blood as well. He is still feeling quite fatigued, his throat is still AWFUL looking, his glands are still extremely swollen, and he is still running a low grade fever. The doctor said all of these symptoms go along with the Mono virus and all we can do is allow him to rest as needed and make sure that he drinks plenty of liquids. Acuann- THANK YOU for taking up for me with the "mean" post. I am known as the mom who rushes her boys to the doctor with every little thing! If anyone has any suggestions on how to help with the mono symptoms or anything else that I should know PLEASE tell me at this point we are almost 4 weeks into the illness and he is just as sick as he was the first day. Thanks to everyone for your advice, words of support and kindness, and listening ears!
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  • Well, I am glad you have a diagnosis. Mono is very debilitating, especially in one so young! I would get a few supplements to help boost up his immune system so he can fight off this virus: a good quality children's probiotic (they make chewable ones that taste great) as well as EmergenC (the adult kind has 1000mg of vit c in the form of mineral ascorbates...I would recommend opening a packet and giving him a third. Or if you can find the children's version that would be best). These two supplements will help build up his system so he can better fight off this virus. Also, I would recommend finding a good naturopath or homeopath to help your son. Homeopathy is especially helpful for children and you can research remedies for mono online. Best wishes and hope he feels better soon!DOM
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