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SEVERE LEFT SIDE ABDOMINAL PAIN, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, yellow mucous.

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  • Posted By: jnk1125
  • June 26, 2012
  • 02:22 PM

5 years ago I had a horrific pregnancy at age 21. I lost weight the entire time, vomiting everything I drank, ate, etc... everyday. I would black out and tried every antinausea medication safe for pregnancy. Nothing worked. I then gave birth to a healthy child, despite all odds, thank you God!! However, the year after I dropped from a size 13 to a size 1. Doctors said it could take up to a year and a half before my body could tolerate food again. I thought I would die. Eventually I was able to keep certain foods down however I avoid lactose which causes immediate vomiting. so periodically over the years since, I get major left side abdominal pain below my ribs and it feels like food is stuck and I can finally feel it pass. I had a gallbladder ultrasound because he thought maybe my organs were swopped because im feeling this pain on the wrong side of my body. Anyways, gallbladder is in normal position and no gallstones. heres the difficult part, I get these spasms which before were once a yr to every couple months to several times a week now. I immediately start vomiting the pain is so severe, chills, dizziness, just plain sick. Worse than child birth with 10 to12 rounds of diarrhea with these spasms. They last for hours and then you are so tired and my stomach is so sore. But my symptoms keep getting worse with time. Now I have these spasms and only poop dime sized yellow mucous. I dont understand how that severe of pain can only produce stool the size of a bean.
I dont see how I can go from healthy one day to quitting my job of 10 yrs because I couldnt work thru the pain any longer. Somedays I have trouble getting out of bed, somedays im fine. Ive had a good week for the first time in a year. I eat healthy, drink tons of water, no artificial sweeteners. Doctor prescribed bentyl for spasms until I got a GI appnmnt. Didnt work. Then he gave me librax, it helps a little but im more constipated now, but ive still had my worst attacks on both these meds so librax is failing me too. I am able to keep food down better with it but I avoid greasy, fried, anything.... pain can start as soon as I eat, when I dont eat, or after I eat. No pattern. No trigger foods. I keep a food diary. Also my stomach swells like im 6 months pregnant and I get major painful rumbling noises as soon as I take a bite of food sometimes. Im not pregnant. my ultrasound said my right side internal organs looked exceptional including my pancreas. But my pain is on my left. I dont believe its ibs. My general doc thinks ibd, etc..All responses are appreciated! What im concerned about is the pain. I panic if I think an attack is coming. I have a high tolerance level of pain and I cant handle this, not one more time. My husband has cried helplessly watching these attacks and he never cries. I want my life back. I rarely leave the house because I get no warning and I need a bathroom for an hour or two ASAP! And it hurts to pass liquid diarrhea??? Somethings got to give!

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  • I have these exact symptoms and am currently being looked at by Mayo’s clinic. Are you still on this feed I’d love to chat. Mayo’s has rul d out all but Gastro since I didn’t want to accept it as IBS. My heart races, I also break into terrible sweats and have child labor type pain with diarrhea.
    I feel I lost a good gallbladder in the search, removed it in 2013 and nothing changed. A Low FODMAP diet and meds have taken my attacks from every two-three weeks lasting 8-10 hrs to bi-monthly lasting 30-40 min. STILL though it changes ones life as you never know when they’ll occur. I can have 3 in 2 wks at times. Hence the Mayo’s trip, IU calls it severe IBS. My pain is not left side however my daughter s is, she has diverticulitis which causes IBS symptoms.
    Please let me know if you’re still on this thread
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