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Constant shortness of breath sometimes leads to panic attack

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  • Posted By: nickbunyun
  • July 3, 2011
  • 02:43 AM

Hi all,

I have had this for 4 years. I am running out of options, because everyone tells me its just me and its in my head.

December 4 years ago, I started having shortness of breath about 10-15 times that whole month. It was holding me 5-10 seconds, and never really bothered me, i always thought it was because of the hot air... after those 10 seconds my life went on as normal. December 24th after a meal at around 2PM, i started getting short of breath and since that day, i have been the same.
I have constant shortness of breath, sometimes its handleable and other times its really bad. I know my panic attacks are triggered from my shortness of breath.
Since 4 years ago, my xiphoid process have been popping. Usually when im not well it pops alot more. It pops after workout/ or when im really short of breath.

I have had... CT scan, X-Ray, blood test done also for bones and etc... they all seem 'normal'. but than again, no doctor really took the interest to find my problem.. they just said bones are fine and they'll can recommend me another specialist.

My symptoms are:
- Constant Shortness of Breath
- Xiphoid Process popping
- Chest Muscle and Stomach Pain (if its really bad.. like they feel sore)

when all those are not really well, i end up having panic attacks.

I have tried many GERD, and some 'calming' pills, natural and prescribed.. honestly, they made me more tired.
I feel like the shortness of breath comes from the chest, because when its bad there's always chest popping, the xiphoid process.

Does anyone know anything about ... xiphoidynia ?


I'm 23 years old, 5'10, around 155-160lbs. never been overweight, mostly skinny, never had a broken bone/rib etc. However when i was around 8, family doctor said i am rachitic (my front two chest bones were popping out more than usual) - i look pretty normal now, tho the two bones are sitting out a little bit more than the average guy.

I'd like to hear some info from you guys.. honestly docs just seem to care about getting me out the door quicker and get their bill.. sucks when i dont have insurance.

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